My 85% chocolate JC (JESUS CHRIST) nut clusters!

Ok so I was going to make some sugar-free Ferrero Rochers from Sarah Wilson’s blog the other night but when I went to Holland and Barratt they didn’t have any Rice Malt Syrup or vanilla powder  (I’ve Tweeted them to ask why!!!) so I decided to make matters into my own hands and conjure up my own recipe. And so here it is… The JC (JESUS CHRIST) nut clusters. Yeeeee haaaaa!

My shopping spree!
My shopping spree!
Put them in the fan over for 8-10 minutes
Put them in the fan over for 8-10 minutes

I am by no means a  chef or a baker, in fact I can’t really cook at all. I don’t have the proper utensils either so I like to just improvise instead and just chuck everything in and see what happens… WAY more exciting that way!  This is what happened… Probably costs about £10 to make two trays of these BAD BOYS but they last ages and they’re divine! (I lie, not sure they last ages as I might eat them all this weekend!)  I don’t actually have a food blender so I just used a hand one. Be careful as the nuts tend to fly… across the room!

Hand blenders rock!
Hand blenders rock!



They’re not totally sugar free but the 85% chocolate is one of the highest you’ll get in a normal shop so it’s the lowest of the low sugar wise! Plus everyone deserves a treat so this is one of the healthiest and tastiest going!



These are so easy to make and mine are currently in the freezer. I like things from the freezer or alternatively you could have one of two after dinner with a glass of Rioja!

Tasty JC bad boys
Tasty JC bad boys
Tasty JC bad boys

Ok so here’s what I put into these JC (JESUS CHRIST) nut clusters

1 pack of walnut halves

1 pack of hazelnuts

1 pack of cashew nuts

1 pack of almonds

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

3 packs of Organics Green & Blacks 85% dark chocolate

cinnamon (few shakes into melted chocolate)

teaspoon of ground coffee (made that up myself)

1 tablespoon of raw cocoa (optional)

Try them, they’re divine! Put them in the freezer. Then bring them to work and have them as a treat in the afternoon with tea. Or a weekend treat with coffee or an after dinner treat!

Me and JC (JESUS CHRIST) got it going ONNNNNN!

Boom boom!


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