First date? Landan? Don’t be haters – Be daters!

So are you going on a first date in Landan and you’re not sure where to go? Well, I’ll tell you where to go. You need to go to Gordon’s wine bar. It’s cool, edgy, you feel like you’re in a cave, there are secret corners, it’s dark (always good on a first date) as people are not a fan of bright lights on a first date. Light in the wine bar is provided by candles which is a little romantic. The place has buzz, it’s not formal and you can flirt your head off whilst swirling your wine around the glass. I’d probably avoid the red wine as sometimes that make your teeth go red. In fact, just say you want champagne, you may as well start as you mean to go on! Live that champagne lifestyle on a lemonade wage. Go get em tiger! RRrrrrrr


2 thoughts

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