What I eat everyday – My non sugar life!

I think everyone that knows me well enough knows that I tend to harp on quite a lot about how they need to change their eating habits and ditch the sugar. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle choice and having an awareness of what you’re actually putting into your body!I personally never look at calories or fat content on labels. I do however look at the… ‘Carbohydrate…of which sugars’ This is the bit that will tell you how much sugar is in it. 4g of sugar (approx) is equal to one teaspoon. So you should not be taking in any more than 20g-24g of which sugars per day as a human.

So when you start to realise what you’re eating, you will be horrified. Because you probably thought you were eating healthy.
Breakfast: Things that I now eat for breakfast! I make a big batch of homemade granola on the weekend and keep it in a container for the week. I also activate my nuts which is a lengthy process but I don’t think it really matters if you’re talking about your health. At the end of the day, you are what you eat.

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Snacks: I’ve started to make hummus and spelt crackers. This is so easy and cheap and you can make again a big batch and just store them. To make spelt crackers, you need salt, spelt flour and water. Hummus is so simple too.
Lunch: So I’ll either make a big pot of soup at the weekend such as butternut squash (total nightmare to peel but worth it) or like a green soup with things like broccoli, spinach, celery. Anything green, eat it!


Soup is just so easy, cheap and lasts the week. I have this cup especially for soup which I bought for £5. You can just put it straight into the microwave in work. So it’s ideal!
I also might make a salad as part of my dinner in the evening so I just make an extra hearty salad and will bring that with me if I get bored of soup!

Snacks: Again if I get peckish throughout the day, I’ll always have a little stash of either walnuts, almonds or I’ll just eat a whole avocado! Sometimes at home, I’ll make an avocado smoothie with coconut oil. I might turn into an avocado soon! I think that many people have the total wrong idea about avocados and think they’re fattening. They’re the fat you need and so good for the skin. EAT THEM!


My shopping spree!
My shopping spree!

Dinner: This is a work in progress, but fish, prawns, feta cheese salads, omelettes, halloumi salads, aubergine, butternut squash and things like that are things I’ll eat for dinner. I don’t eat chicken or red meat. I genuinely don’t like the texture. So that eliminates some things for me. Although I am constantly trying new things out!


Dessert: If I want something sweet for after dinner, I’ll have a JC nut cluster or a few pieces of 85% dark chocolate. Or you can brown some walnuts on the pan with cinnamon. If I feel I want something more savoury, I’ll eat a piece of cheese. I just love cheese. Or some Kettle Crisps, the black pack!

Obviously I am human so I do eat other things too and at weekends I like to treat myself so I don’t stick to my non sugar life 100% of the time. But it certainly has made me feel much leaner and I always feel full. My blood sugar levels are stabilised and I don’t crave sugar anymore.

I like Guinness!

I keep reading more and more things in the news everyday about sugar and how it’s going to cause serious health problems down the line if people don’t address their excessive sugar intake!

Things to avoid: Processed foods, dried fruit, jellies (lethal) Tropicana like drinks, hidden sugar in salads Always check the labels, fruit can be high in sugar so less of the fruit, more veg. The obvious sugary liquid drinks hot ro cold.

Fat does not make you fat, sugar does!

Live the non sugar dream! Notice your stomach go flat!


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