Don’t judge a book by its cover – La Bodega Negra

Last night my beautiful friend Lizzie brought me to La Bodega Negra on Old Compton Street for my birthday present. It’s a 5 minute walk from Leicester Square. It was truly amazing. Not only do I love the buzz of central London, the restaurant appears to look like a strip club/peep show from the outside but when you go inside it’s like discovering tutankhamun’s tomb for the first time or maybe not! But it’s an unexpected surprise, an old-school rustic tavern with lanterns everywhere and romantic lighting. The food was sensational and I highly recommend it with friends or even date night. Mexican food is gorge and we had lemon cheese cake for dessert. We then stopped to soak up Landan life in Soho on the way home! There’s Lizzel below! Landan is honeslty one of the best cities in the world. Once again Landan, Lizzel, I love you!





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