Eat porridge? Check out these labels – Sugar Shocked!

Porridge oats. Yes you would think that they are totally healthy. Well I was looking at the labels of the different oats in the supermarket and I was truly shocked at the difference in sugar in each. So the Sainsbury’s brand had 13.2g sugar per 50g serving. That’s over 3 teaspoons. I don’t even think Oliver would ask for more of that!


And then I checked the Quakers Oats and they are like a million times healthier. There is 0.4g sugar per 40g. Like seriously the difference is huge! It’s just a simple choice and you reduce your sugar intake by a zillion!


The porridge with the flavours in them have high amounts of sugar too or avoid the porridge with dried fruits. Honestly, they’re lethal! CHECK the labels before you buy your porridge! All the brands are so different!!


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