No sugar – home-made spelt crackers & hummus!

So last night I made spelt crackers and hummus! These were inspired by my friend Aisling, thanks Ash! We also have daily whatsapp competitions of the food that we make…because we are cool people!

shake your seeds!
shake your seeds!

So I started with the spelt crackers. So you basically lob 1.5 cups of spelt flour into a bowl.  It’s like less than £3 for a bag. Fill the same cup up half way with cold water and dissolve a pinch of salt in it. Then mix this all up. I add some seeds and chia seeds to everything so throw some of those in.


I bought a rolling pin for £2 a the weekend. I think it’s changed my life. Before that I was using a glass which is also quite effective. Make sure to roll the spelt mixture flat as otherwise you’ll end up with more of a pita bread! flat = thin and crispy!

Keep rollin rollin rollin

Then for the hummus. You’ll need
– 1 Can of chickpeas
– 1 clove of garlic
-2 tablespoons ofTahini
-a decent dollop of Cummin
-Half a lemon (optional)
-Olive oil (optional)


So just place all the ingredients into a hand blender and blend. I don’t do measuring stuff, I just guess so it tastes a little different every time, that makes it more exciting!! Squeeze half the lemon in at the end! You can add salt and pepper and any other spices but Aisling recommended I used all those ones!


Have a go! I must stop writing about food but I can’t!!


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