Alternative ways to spice up your daily water intake!!

They advise to drink 2 litres of water a day. And I do try but sometimes it gets boring so I ty to add random things to my water to make it a little more interesting and also get healthy things into your body at the same time. So today I’ve decided to put a peppermint tea bag into my cold 2 litre bottle of water. It dosen’t look great but two other girls in the office are now testing it out and we like it! The taste isn’t too strong! it’s actually quite refreshing!


Apple Cider Vinegar is also a good one. Sounds odd I know but the benefits are meant to be immense. Just put a few drops into your water. Don’t put too much as it’s really strong!

Apple Cider

Green Tea is probably another good one to add to your water but I actually can’t stand the taste. I’ve tried but I just don’t like it. Lemon or cucumber and mint leaves are also good ideas!

Spice up your water, Spiceup your life!


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