£24 – Look what I got in Lidl & Jackson

So thanks to my friend Sara who invited me on an excursion to Clapham Junction this morning to visit the aisles of Lidl. In my hungover state, we made our way on the 156 bus from Wimbledon! I must say this is well worth the trek, not alone is the quality amazing, it’s also SO MUCH cheaper than any other supermarket so my only regret is that I don’t have a car to bulk buy.

59p for Soya Milk .. eh BARGAIN

Oh and also their 81% dark chocolate (odd number to put on it) is divine! Like I would prefer 85% but sure I’ll take the hit on the 4% this time!




Amazing selection of cheese!!

And here’s a video of Jackson going 90 in Dad’s garden! I think he’s really excited because Dad just told him that he got him a Cadbury Cream egg for Easter Sunday!


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