My Easter… Extravaganza… Conlon Cake!

I made an Easter cake last night for my dessert tonight. Actually it’s not even a cake, it’s more like a mash up! It’s not entirely sugar free as the dark chocolate is 81% but it’s as close as I could get! I used the 81% dark chocolate that I got in Lidl the other day and the nuts I got there too!


I don’t actually measure anything so I just throw things in and hope for the best! I just go with my natural instinct! And it’s quite heavy so you can’t eat that much at a time. WHich is a good thing! So it’s really filling!




Whats in it?

Cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, mixed seeds, peacan nuts. (I crushed them with a soup ladle while they were still in the pack) 

Two Tablespoons of coconut oil

Leave it in the fridge overnight and there you go. It took about 10-15 minutes to make so you won’t be in the kitchen too long!

I think I’ll have mine with coconut cream later!

Happy Easter!! x x x x



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