Big Boys Don’t Cry – EH YEAH THEY F***IN* DO

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no no that’s superman. A flying man who is strong and rescues everyone from destruction with his mere gaze, what a hero!. Superman never cries because that would just not be good for his reputation.

There is a certain negative stigma attached to a man who cries. It’s not seen as being very masculine or macho. Men who cry are often seen as weaklings because big boys are not meant to cry. So who came up with the whole idea that men are not meant to cry… well not their mother’s anyway.

I actually believe men can be just as if not more emotional than women. This is evident when watching films such as Stand By Me or the Shawshank Redemption. Men are just as capable of shedding a tear and why shouldn’t they be. They are also human beings when it comes down to it. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with a man showing their emotional side every now and then when it’s necessary, but things like the crying ‘man flu’ should really never be tolerated.

A recent example of a crying man is Luis Suarez at the Liverpool game. I’m not one to get into the politics of football but Robert Huth did slam Suarez stating that the crying should warrant a three match ban. I think that’s a little ridiculous because when a man is unbelievably passionate about something, they’re obviously going to display a high level of emotion. Perhaps a man crying during sport is a little more socially acceptable to some but crying is crying no matter what you’re wailing about.

I’m pretty certain when all men were babies, they loved a good banshee cry over spilt milk but once they hit the teenage disco, well that all came to a head. They then learn how to let their emotions exude in other forms, through sport, lifting weights in the gym and even probably scuffling and lifting each other at times, most likely scuffling over a teenage love interest, who will be crying somewhere nearby.

I suppose it’s a traditional thing. I think the only time I’ve truly witnessed male friends and family cry in public is at tragic circumstances such as death or something extreme. By nature men were the hunters and women were the gatherers but all that jazz has recently flipped reversed. We now have stay at home Dad’s and bread winner Mum’s, go on the girl’s!

I really don’t think there is anything wrong with a man being in touch with his emotions. I’d much rather emotion than an emotional cripple. A man who is unable to express a tear from their tear duct is just a man who needs to find a passion in life


One Comment on “Big Boys Don’t Cry – EH YEAH THEY F***IN* DO

  1. I have taught both my children that is essential to express emotion in healthy ways. I think men would be much better off if they were allowed to show their emotions in a healthy way.


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