I’m gone juicing mad!

It all started last week when I did the 3 day Obsidian Juice detox. I just felt like I wanted to feel really healthy after having a few boozy weekends! You basically order it online, it’s delivered within 48 hours and it’s £55. You can also put it straight into the freezer if you don’t want to do it immediately. So I gave that a go. I actually really liked all the juices! You have 4 a day and they’re quite big. I did it during a really busy week and also jumped out of a plane so I’d advise to do it when you’re busy so you don’t have time to think about it.


So on the back of the juice detox, I decided to buy my own juicer and I think this may change my life. It’s unreal. I got the Jason Vale juicer and you get a book with it that tells you amazing recipes. Juicing is actually way more beneficial than I thought. It has cured so many people from their diseases and ailments. So I think juice will now become part of my daily routine!

photo (1)

photo 1

I gave my first juice a go and it was a mean green one. It’s so addictive and easy to juice!

photo 2 (1)

photo 3

I’m going to Greece in 2 weeks so I think I’ll juice my way into my bikini! Let the juicing begin! Yee haa!


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