My love affair has intensified!

So I loved Greece so much last year, I had to go back again this year. It was utterly stunning, the food, the weather, the people, the places we went and things we saw. We flew to Athens for a few nights and then got the Blue Star Ferry to Naxos which was a little undiscovered dream, not really that much touched by tourism and the water was actually magical and clear.

photo 2photo 4photo (2)


 Naxos to Santorini!! photo 2  photo (3)photo 5photo 2photo 4photo 1

 Santorini makes me speechless. I think it will be forever in my heart! A truly wonderful place that everyone should visit at some point in life!


Number of mosquito bites – 0, THANK YOU BOOTS, this is a breakthrough 

Alcohol intake – A brewery/winery 

Feta cheese intake – A factory 

Best food discovery – Souvlaki (vegetarian!)

Pairs of flip flops lost and bought in 2 days – 3 

Greek sentences added to vocab – 10

Desire to return – NOW



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