I fell off the bandwagon!

I had zee time of my life on hols but you’re only human and we all over indulge a little when on your holliers! I love Greek food so I have no regrets (about eating and drinking my way down the beach. It would be RUDE not to)…. But I is back.. BACK IN THE ROOM! So I have come across Madeleine Shaw’s blog before but it wasn’t until a girl in work mentioned it to me again today (as I spotted her jar of coconut oil in her hand)  that I had another look and sure then I was feeling inspired again. I think it’s easy to get lazy and just get complacent when it comes to eating fresh food but at the end of the day, we are what we eat.  BUT thankfully Madeleine inspired me to get back on zee bandwagon so I attempted this Green Juice tonight!! So zingy and fresh!

My Green Drink!
My Green Drink!

I then went a step further and started drinking green tea instead of BARRY’s ALL … DAY.. LONG.. oh and also added some  Apple Cider Vinegar into my drinking water. All in all I’M NOT only back in the room.. I’m BACK In the game! 

Proudest moment of the day – Levitating out of bed at 6am and doing a 5k run (after having a mental argument with myself). 

Yes.. yes it does!!

We all fall off the band wagon BUT it’s your attitude, ability and positive approach to getting back on it that’s most important!


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