Quinoa – My new fluffy best friend!


Well it appears I have lots of food best friends these days but I have to say that Quinoa is certainly one of them. It brings so much joy to my life! So basically to describe it, it’s like rice and cous cous but NOT. It’s like as filling as rice and cous cous but lighter, easier to digest and is full of nutrients and protein so you don’t ever get that bloated feeling.


The best way to make it is to put a knob of coconut oil in a pot. Then add a cup of Quinoa to toast it until you hear it pop like popcorn. Then add two cups of water and simmer it for 20 minutes. You will then have the most perfect best friend in the world. I used it for lunch today in a salad. I’m so excited to eat it!! I think I need to get out more!!



Best friends come in all shapes and sizes even if they kill your bank balance at times!!

I love you Quinoa, you make my belly so happy!


One Comment on “Quinoa – My new fluffy best friend!

  1. sounds real good I must try it, do you buy it in a health shop? played tennis last night and it was so lovely in the sunshine John Nolan took Habib to a music thing at the Docks and then took him to dinner which was really nice and left him home at 10 Laura coming this evening Going to Roisin’s and Fiona tomorrow evening Where is time going Weather is fab here Love you.xxxxx Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 20:26:42 +0000 To: stellaconlon50@hotmail.com


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