Best Irish BROWN scone in Ireland! Where?

Not being funny but I haven’t located a homemade brown scone since I moved to Landan over 4 years ago. No offence Landan but you’ve disappointed me with this one. I know I could make my own but it’s just not the same!! So I decided that the brown scone below deserved its very own blog update! Isn’t she a beaut…

photo (8)

I must confess I didn’t have one, I had two brown scones with melted butter. Not a fan of jam so avoided that. And Greg had 2 croissants after his full blown breakfast bagel. Where oh where do you find these beauties? Well you’ll find them in Wilde and Green on Milltown Road, just at the bottom of the hill. Be prepared to fall in love! Once you taste one of these bad boys, there’ll be no looking back!

The finest brown scone in the land. #fact 

Cost of 1 brown scone to eat in – €2.50 

Cost of 1 brown scone to take out – €1.25 



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