Are you BORED of Booze???

Never thought I would say this but I am actually bored of booze and binge weekend drinking! So totally over it! So in a bid to hammer through my training for the Great Northern Run in September, I’ve cut it out until after the race.

This has been the first weekend in a while that I’ve not had any booze at all. I went to a wedding in Luxembourg so I knew it was going to be really hard to avoid booze. But I succeeded and to be honest I still had the time of my life.  It’s all about the will power which in situations like that is often hard to find!

The only down side to not boozing is people thinking that you’re pregnant! It’s so nice to wake up and not feel any hangover or sluggish, having normal blood sugar levels and feeling fully hydrated!

Another thing I noticed this weekend is that other nationalities do not drink themselves into oblivion at weddings. That’s really just an Irish thing! It explains why the majority of Irish weddings don’t provide a free bar all night. That would bankrupt any newly wed couple!

So over all I’m using myself as a social experiment. See how I feel after a full month of no booze. Can’t say it’ll be easy but I am just way too bored of booze not to give it a go. Does anyone else feel bored of booze??!  TALK A TO ME! Or maybe it’s just me! Enlighten me people!



2 Comments on “Are you BORED of Booze???

  1. haven’t had a drink/been drunk since I don’t-know-when. don’t miss it at all and my friends have come to accept it as a lifestyle choice I’ve made 🙂 all the very best to you x


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