**FLASHBACK** A perfect country getaway weekend in Wimbourne, Dorset!

So it all started on the national express bus station at Victoria on a Friday evening in March at about 7pm! Pre… national express bus, we (myself and my wife Lizzie) frequented the upmarket M&S to get our M&S cans of G&T and our calamari and prawn tapas! We also really treated ourselves to a £5 bottle of white wine and some plastic cups for the voyage down the M4!
Picture 001

I was elated to find out that they have a toilet on these national express buses! The absolute luxury of it all! When we arrived we had champagne and chatted about T.S Elliot, The Wasteland… Saturday morning we went for a run around Wimbourne, it’s the cutest country town ever. Past some old country pubs and visited the local church (walked up the aisle and waved to imaginary ppl) and a farm house shop!
Picture 002

I decided it was time to whip out my bad boy Hunters, buy some postcards… which I sent as Thank you cards for my Christmas presents… In March… few months later but…Also wished everyone a Happy St Patricks Day! Better later than never is my motto! We had amazing food, drank red wine, spoke to Americans, visited the wife’s school which is like Cruel Intentions and just generally had the time of our lives.
Picture 003

We also walked on the beach and had lunch at Sandbanks which is a dream… apart from almost getting blown in the sea. We did see and pick out our future home on millionaires row so it was good to get that out of the way! Picture 007

I felt like Kate Middleton all weekend and was treated like her too! Thank you to the Stevenson’s for a truly epic weekend! And also to Gordon who made me cry laughing on the floor for 30 minutes straight

Wimbourne I’ll be back!


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