Why Men Mess with your Head – BE A STEAK!!

Why men mess with your head… I’m writing on this topic as so many people have googled this and hit my blog asking ‘Why men mess with your head’ so I thought I’d update my blog on this very topic… I actually think girls mess with guys heads just as much as guys mess with girls.. There are people out there that actually don’t mess with your heads and these are the ones that you want to surround yourself with, the ones who mess with your head are… NOT…

  • They mess with your head because, you allow them to, they have a girlfriend/boyfriend and you’re their piece on the side.. you’re not the steak on the plate.. you’re the mofo side salad, leafy and limp to them…… BE THE STEAK.. you wanna be the STEAK… A RARE… RARE STEAk!!!!!!!


  • because they know they can, if you’re vulnerable…. (mentally and emotionally) you’ll usually find a person who has low self esteem and not a lot of self confidence will have their head messed with.. the Head Messers (HM’s) will only mess with the heads of the weak..


  • it makes them feel in control…. and makes you feel out of control.. and most likely mentally insane at times…
  • they don’t care about your feelings and upsetting you
  • they could potentially be a psychopath
  • they get a kick out of it
  • they’re probably doing it to 5 others at the same time7977_4f85
  • they don’t love you
  • you’re too nice and they see you as being weak
  • they’re potentially jealous of you and head messing is the only way they can make themselves feel better
  • they’re the ones who have issues in their lives

There are many reasons why people will mess with your head but it’s you WHO gives them permission to do it… I personally think that James Joyce wrote Ulysses to mess with your head and perhaps he’s actually the only one who succeeded but that’s a whole other update…



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Jenny Conlon is a broadcast, freelance journalist, writer and fashion and entertainment critic. Her work has featured on the RTÉ. fashion and entertainments website. She has assisted production of RTÉ's Morning Ireland and The Business. Jenny produced and presented a weekly fashion and entertainment show Girls Talk Back on 103.2 Dublin City Fm and was Newsreader and Editor of the newsroom. Her work continues to feature in Irish publications such as The Irish Tatler, U magazine and The Dubliner. Jenny completed her Masters in International Journalism in 2009. She is looking forward to a jam packed 2012 where she will continue broadcasting and writing and being inspired. She will be modelling for a high street fashion shoot and plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.....

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