Do you want ANTIQUES? My Dad has em all!

I have found myself recently having a new found love and fascination for Antiques. My Dad has been an antique dealer for 30 years and our house has always been jam packed with the stuff . Its been in the family for three generations but it wasn’t until recently that I actually have had a real interest in it! I interviewed two really well known Irish Antique dealers this week and discovered one of the most amazing shops of my life. I love how every single piece of furniture and ornament has a story to tell. A few years ago, a painting by one of Caravaggio’s followers was stored in my Dads shop which then went on to be sold from thousands and now lives in a London museum. I really love how the most interesting people ever saunter into antique shops. Ya can’t beat an afternoon discussion about Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian antiques!! The fascination continues……. GET YOUR BARGAIN MARY JESUS AND JOSEPH STATUES, which can been seen in the pics below!

Conlon Antiques, Clanbrassil Street, Dublin City!

Ph: 01-4532206

Paint Stripping Services also!


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