Why you’re putting on extra pounds in work?

Do you work in an office? I’ve always worked in an office of some shape or form and most of the people I know also work in an office. Are you constantly surrounded by chocolate, jam doughnuts, Roses, cakes, sweets, £1 shop jellies and everything else bad for you throughout the day. Work is the worst place on earth and often the hardest place to avoid it. When you’re feeling that morning or afternoon slump, you’ll eat anything if you’re hungry to give you an energy hit!


Some ways to avoid eating unnecessary empty calories…

1) Bring your own healthy snacks or a homemade smoothie! I keep empty glass jarr, make a smoothie and bring that to work with you. 

My shopping spree!
My shopping spree!

2) Keep a 2 litre bottle of water on your table and just keep drinking that. Might sound ridic but water is actually quite a good one!  

3) Make your own chocolate with raw cocoa, sounds mad but it’s so tasty and healthy! 

One of my new works snacks, walnuts, cashew nuts and cocoa nibs
One of my new works snacks, walnuts, cashew nuts and cocoa nibs

4) Make a bigger lunch that will really fill you up so you may not be as inclined to snack on the bad things! Quinoa salads are my current obsession. Make your salads heafty!

STEP away from the Cookie Jar in work and you’ll feel way better and lighter!



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