Quinoa Porridge – Bye bye bloaty oats!

So I’ve decided that oats are no good for my body, NOT GOOD FOR THE BADYYYY! In fact, they make me feel bloated and generally not great so I have decided to swap the usual oats for Quinoa flakes and the difference is immense! Everybody knows their own body so some food that agrees with my body may not agree with the next person. As it’s starting to get colder these mornings, I’ve decided to start making Quinoa porridge. It’s truly divine and satisfying and does not disrupt my stomach in any way shape or form! Also…Throw some seeds one and maybe banana and raspberries and blueberries! Sensational stuff!

Tweet me your breakfast please, I wanna know what everyone else is eating! @JCo4


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2 Comments on “Quinoa Porridge – Bye bye bloaty oats!

    • Well Samantha, you make it just like normal porridge. So I normally do one cup of Quinoa Flakes to 1.5/2 cups of water. If you want you can also soak it the night before. Simmer it for about 15 minutes and perhaps add a dollop of coconut oil for a gorge taste! It’s so lovely. Quinoa flakes are not cheap but it’s your health and it’s cheaper than a bottle of wine! x x x x


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