My 3 day juice cleanse experience!

I am alive. 3 days juicing. 2 Bikram yoga classes and one body that is now my temple!

Day 1

So day one involved Jack delivering me my juices and showing me how to make a wheatgrass shot and also other alternatives if you’re feeling like you need a kick in between juices. I must say the first afternoon was the hardest as my body was adjusting to not eating breakfast or lunch. I am a big breakfast and lunch fan so this part of the day was the hardest for me. The withdrawal from Quinoa at lunch was tough!! BUT when I reached the afternoon I started not to want food as much and finished my afternoon/evening juice without feeling hungry. I also managed to fit in a Bikram yoga class which I’m delighted to say I survived!

photo 3 (6)

So day two was easier. Started my day with a wheatgrass shot and with my freshly delivered green juice. Doing a juice cleanse when working is actually easier as you don’t have as much time to think about it! I was flagging a little in the afternoon but once I had my orange juice, I decided to hit another Bikram yoga class, which I did. I felt eneregised after it, it’s really so strange how you could feel energised after only having juice for 2 days. You also have two bottles of juice per day (they’re big like 2ltrs).

photo 4 (5)

The third day was pretty much the easiest for me. I wasn’t hungry at all or thinking about food. I felt really energetic and made it through to the end of the day. I also had a shot of wheatgrass at the end of the day too! That could really be the new caffine.

photo 1 (12)

Overall I think everyone should do a juice detox as your body needs a break every now and then! You need to want to do it though. I defo lost some weight but I don’t ever weigh myself so I don’t know how much it was, mainly from my stomach area, it’s quite flat. I didn’t do this to lose weight, I did it to detox and feel more energised. I also found that my skin got better and my evergy levels increased! I also refused a coffee today too in the afternoon and drank water instead.

photo (12)

I did find myself having an odd craving for raw cocoa, avocados and quinoa. I suppose things could be worse! I don’t think those things are your average cravings. Although you really can’t keep me in avocados theses days.

If you live in London and you want to do the juice detox, you should contact Jack Beanstalk. They’re based in Balham but they deliver. Well worth it and an amazing personalised service. Or Tweet or email them! @jbeanstalkjuice or email This is a quality juice programme and Jack the owner actually cares that these juices are delivered fresh to your door. There are some fad ones out there so if you are considering a juice cleanse make sure you do a bit of research for a quality cleanse.

I’ll also be chatting to Louise Tighe on The Lunchtime Ladies this Monday on 103.2 Dublin City FM. I’ll be on around 13.20 so make sure to tune in & listen live!

Tweet me your juicy thoughts! @JCo4


4 Comments on “My 3 day juice cleanse experience!

  1. Hi Jenny! How did the juices taste? I’ve toyed with the idea of juices as a good way to get extra nutrients (though I’m not sure I could go the whole hog of a cleanse!). I’ve been a bit out off by the descriptions I’ve heard of the taste – though obviously that depends on what you put in – so am interested to hear how you found these 🙂


  2. They actually tasted really nice. THis one is more veg based that fruit but I always liked the taste. Wheatgrass is meant to be immense for your immune system too. I had a shot of that in the morning and the evening. I always found the juices tasty. You can’t distingusih one taste from them as it’s a mixed fusion. I can find out exactly what was in my juice but I believe the morning one had like celery, spinach, cucumber, ginger and some other things. They had a nice kick to them! x


  3. Also I’ll be going on Dublin City Fm on Monday to chat about it! You know I love a bit of Dublin City Fm. Do you have a juicer Lady Stitcher? I can send you what you can do to make your own? x


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