Are you constantly tired?

Do you struggle to get out of bed these mornings? Are you sluggish and falling asleep on the way to work? Do you just feel wrecked all the time? Well here a few things I would suggest if you’re feeling this way.

Cut out the caffeine for a few days – Switch your morning coffee/tea for hot water and lemon. You’ll really feel the difference after a few days. In your skin and in your body. Obviously I don’t think you’ll be opening the window anymore like the below pic but you may still have the pleasure of seeing the sun shine! photo (10)

Make your own food – You need to start the day the right way. Cut out cereal and anything processed. If you don’t nourish your body, it’s not going to function properly. Maybe try my RAW Babe smoothie or Quinoa bread! or Quinoa porridge! DIVINE!

photo (6) photo 1



Take up Bikram or something warm! – The evenings are getting dark and the weather is getting cold. Nobody really wants to go outside. Taking up something like Bikram yoga or swimming is appealing as these things will make you warm and they’re also exercise! Don’t look at exercise as something that is a burden. If you see it this way, then you’ve not found the right type of exercise for you. Do something that you like to do!

photo (13)

Buy a Winter Coat – You can’t and won’t ever beat the cosy feeling of a Winter coat on Winter mornings! I just bought one in Oasis and I am in love with it! It’s a long black belted coat! So cosy!! Ok well Greg bought it but still, a good Winter coat makes all the difference!

Soup it up! It’s time people!  – I am a major fan of soup when the weather starts to get cold! It’s so easy and cheap and you can get a microwavable cup that you can bring to work!


Make yourself divine treats!Chocolate stuff! Aim for 85% cocoa! TWEET ME PICS – @JCo4 XxJCxX

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