A 4pm slump treat! (WITH QUINOA obviously!)

So yeah, just did another bit of experimentation and got dates (not the human ones), cashew nuts, salad seeds (the ones that come mixed in the bag and are usually pumpkin, pine nuts and sesame seeds) and blended those all up in a hand blender! I melted some coconut oil and also a bar of Green & Blacks 85% dark chocolate and the below is what I came up with! Oh and I also mixed uncooked quinoa seeds to add that extra CRUNCH!

Swweet Treat

Such a nice treat for the 4pm slump! I also didn’t use a bread loaf tin this time which is promising!

I don’t ever measure things, I prefer to GAUGE things! But if you forced me to make a guess, I’d GAUGE what is in this I would say,

100g dates (could be more, eat as you chop!)

250g cashew nuts

1 Bar of Green & Blacks 85% dark (melted) – NOT 75%, that’s just not good enough! 

150g salad seeds

2 tablespoons of uncooked Quinoa

3-4 large tablespoons of coconut oil (melted)

Oh and put it in the fridge when done or the freezer!


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