Fuel your high vis life!

I don’t know if I bore the head off everyone going on and on about running but I quite like running so I’ll continue… As I’ve signed up for the London Marathon 2015, and running for MS.. Yipee!  I’ve decided to start dabbling in a bit of running now. Nothing too serious but I think there are a number of things you must invest in if you are going running in the dark cause let’s face it, it’s dark in the morning and dark in the evening. High Vis Get a high vis jacket –  I got mega excited to go for my first run in the high vis the other night. I really wonder about myself sometimes! I was running around in the dark with no high vis anything before.. NADA in the dark of the night so I would advise that you invest in one of these bad boys and bring in a few planes on your run! I’d love a luminous visor to really set the whole ensemble off! I got this one the other day in a proper sports shop for like £40. Great for the rain and wind too! Wimbo Find a running partner/victim – I tend to do longer runs at the weekend so find a victim, enthusiast to go with you. It makes it way more fun and then you can get them to take pointless pictures of you mid run… sure why not! Get an good running watch, app etc so you can time how fast you’re going and if you’re improving and this will teach you about distance and how long it will take you to run places. This is imperative if you’re training for a half or full marathon. Great Northern Run Fuel the high vis life – Make sure you eat something decent before and after a good run. Nothing too mentally heavy but I like to have an avocado smootie. Or like gluten free porridge or like quinoa porridge. Or like porridge bread or like something just really nice. photo 1 Ok so those are my few tips on things you need to do before you start running through these Winter months. I also realise that my grammatical errors may be plenty above! Run forest run… XxJCxX

2 Comments on “Fuel your high vis life!

    • Aw thanks! Getting excited over a high vis jacket is what makes me laugh! Genuine excitement. They have it in pink too but I think the yellow is more dramatic!! 😉

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