4 Quick Healthy (so tasty) Breakfast Ideas for January!

It’s January, it’s a new year, and it’s time for health and vigour. So I’ve been taking pictures of my breakfast for the past few days and thought I would share them. I’m all about the protein for breakfast at the moment. I was getting quite bad at not eating breakfast last year, favouring sleep but I am back on the band wagon now for the new year! I’ll do a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks posts so I’m doing breakfast first. I actually get excited about breakfast, lunch and dinner now that I am making more effort and putting all goodness into my BADY!

photo 1
Boiled eggs and hot water and lemon!
photo 2
3 scrambled eggs, half an avocado, pumpkin seeeds, mushrooms (cooked in coconut oil) and some red onions too. Hot water and lemon and black coffee (it was the weekend!!)

So I must stress that you also need to start the day with hot water and lemon. Not coffee, not tea.. hot water and lemon… BUT you need to grate the ZEST of the lemon as that’s the most beneficial part. Apparently if you freeze the zest and then add this to your water, it’s been also known to fight certain cancer cells. I read about this online so not sure how true it is but it tastes good so why not! And it’s like 20p for a lemon. It’s a WIN WIN situation!

photo 3
Boiled eggs, spinach, half an avocado, pumpkin seeds and walnuts! Really shaking things up here!

This smoothie below is so divine I can’t explain! You need to try it! I use a hand blender to blend it all together and it takes 5 mins or less to make!

photo 4
You may prefer a sweeter start to the day! This is DIVINE. Half a banana, oen tablespoon of raw cocoa, half an avocado, almond milk, topped with pumpkin seeds. You can see a theme running here!!!
photo 5
I can’t stress enough how amazing lemons are for your life. Make sure you’re eating that ZEST though! You’ll be a new person and crave it after you start!! I couldn’t start my day any other way!

I get so much more excited about breakfast these days!! XxJCxX

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