Dear Alcohol – Slán a ****ing abhaile

So for the month of January and with signing up for the London marathon, I’ve been mainly going to the cinema at weekends instead of boozing which is a welcomed change after being home in Ireland for Xmas. An Irish Christmas is not a sobering one!. So I have also been eating really well and just feeling generally amazing.

photo 1 (10)
The new white wine!

BUT last night I went out and had a total of 5 drinks over the entire night, which was for a special occasion and I had a wonderful night. BUT boozing is just not worth its aftermath. It causes one to eat the place out of house and home, it reverses all your good work throughout the week, it makes you tired, your body does not like it, WHY OH WHY do we continue to do this to ourselves. And let’s not forget the social smoking. Do you smoke ever.. like during the week? NO never gros… DO you social smoke.. AH yeah.. ??? WHY? One night boozing and I can already feel the change in my body, the change in everything. NOTHING will satisfy one’s body!


So I’m going to go for a 15 mile run with my running group at 9am tomorrow as revenge to alcohol. And I am officially breaking up with alcohol, it’s over! Slán a f*cK**G abhaile. For those that don’t know, slán abhaile means ‘safe home’ in Irish!

There is more to life than hangovers!


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