GoPro Hero3+ – I’m sorry but… You’re for sale!!

My New Year aim and New Year attempt at some vlogging has failed, massively! This is mainly due to the fact that I never actually researched what the best camera to vlog with would be? VLOG FAIL! SO I got the wonderful Go Pro Hero 3+ for Christmas. I’ve tried and tried to love it. And everytime I dislike it more, it’s for the more technical people in this world.  I realised that this camera is not really for vlogging at all, it’s more for surfers, rock climbers, skydivers and kinda people of that level of outdoor activity.  I must say I am a little devastated but the time has come, the GoPro Hero3+ has got to go… So it’s for sale! If anyone knows of anyone who would like a GoPro camera, make sure to let me know, it’s only been used 3 times! It deserves a home where someone will love it and not detest it! IMG_0487 IMG_0497 IMG_0495 I will leave you with my one and only ever GoPro video! A day in the life of Jackson… the family dog and aka the LOML (love of my life)! You live and you learn!


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