5 tips to finding a wedding venue!

Well I’ve not actually found one but I think there are a few things to consider before you start looking! You obviously need to talk about what you both want. That’s a real good start! Then you’ll need to decided which country. Then how many people etc as that will narrow it down a bit! My notions of a castle quickly went out the window especially when you start getting into ££££. One place was quoting €16,000 for merely taking over the venue. That does not include a fork or a chair or a table let alone food!. What planet are some places on. Here are my 5 top tips to finding a wedding venue.


  1. Think of a place/geographical location that means something to you
  2. Think of how many people you’re having as that will immediately narrow things down (as in some places are not big enough)
  3. Get an idea of what your budget is before you start looking (this will immediately phase out places)
  4. Don’t stress over available dates. I have an idea of dates and times in my head but if they don’t have available dates, I’ll just pick another one. Go with zee flow. What’s meant to happen will happen!
  5. Go with your gut. I have contacted a few places and they never had the common courtesy to get back to me and let me know if I could come see it. They did however send me the rates. If the initial communication you have with a venue isn’t great, then that’ll really set the tone of how the rest of your communication will go! You’re paying a hell of an amount of money so make sure you’re getting service too. Oh and also read reviews online!

J to the C


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