17 days until… I run the London marathon 2015…

So I am at this stage probably wrecking everyone’s buzz with my updates about the London marathon and running it and talking about running and writing about running but with only 17 days to go there’s no other way!! I’ve been running since December so this is the home run!!! Run Forrest Run… JENNY!…. My lunchtime breaks are now spent googling inspirational motivational quotes in order to start psyching myself out. I really feel you can positively psyche yourself out. So here are some inspirational quotes to set the fire alight! I found a quote recently in a magazine from John Disley one of the founders of the London marathon but now I can’t find it! That was quite the inspirational but until I find it, here’s some more!!…

I am running the London Marathon 2015 to raise money for the MS Society. If you would like to make a donation, I’ve set up a Just Giving page!

17 days to go!!!

#jennygoesjogging @JCo4


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