5 tips to a successful relationship

  • Make up stories.. . Why? Because you can… for instance, convince them that one of their best mates is 40 on his birthday even though they’re actually 37. This will lead to hysterical phone calls to other friends to confirm if their mate is… in fact 40. The only way they can solve this pressing issue is… to ask the friend in question if they’re actually 40. And then they realise, their friend is not 40. Confused.com? That’s the aim!

pic 2

  • Supporting different teams in the rugby/ Six Nations but just make sure your team wins – keeps that, ‘je ne sais quoi’, passion alive… ROARING…just make sure to sit in seperate rooms on said occasions.
  • Allow them (him) to watch their secret fav TV show MIC but always keep reminding them that it’s not real life. 
  • Play hide and seek – Hide behind doors and around corners and large objects and then LOUDLY jump out on them.. . to the point where they scream.. That’s good craic.. Best of 5!


  • Tea – Always make them tea… Mainly because you’re better at it. A perfect cup of tea is essential in a long lasting relationship. That’s the game changer, if they put sugar in tea or more importantly in your tea, this is a sackable offence … it’s over!



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