London Marathon No.2 – Mission complete!

So I completed my second London marathon on Sunday in a time of 4:48, three minutes faster than the last one!! Not a huge improvement on time but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day! I saw a Rhino, Jesus, the oldest competitor who is 90 and some other amazing sights along the way! I have to say that I loved the weather as it wasn’t too warm, just right! I was delighted that whilst I was running, I hit my target for the MS Society so that was an extra exciting bonus.

marathon 1
Solo selfies at the finish line!
marathon 3
Mission complete!

When I crossed the finish line, I was taking solo selfies but some random person obviously felt sorry for me and offered to take my photo! Thanks to the random person! It was so nice to have the support of fiancé who was the brain child of navigating everyone around the London streets, family and friends and it was so  amazing to see my cousin Sarah who I ultimately was running it for. The whole day was an emotional rollercoaster but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! Walking is currently extremely slow in the aftermath but I may just enter the ballot for 2016, just maybe!! I would encourage everyone to run a marathon at least once in their lifetime!
Where to next? Is that the Dublin marathon I hear calling?!

marathon 2
Feeling the love mid run!

marathon 4



One Comment on “London Marathon No.2 – Mission complete!

  1. Morning
    Very cold in dublin too
    I ordered a dress for myself tkmaxx and gave your work address for delivery by mistake
    I will get it off you in June

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