Sir John Soane – What a man, what a London red phone box!

So my Dad was over in London a few months ago and we went to go see the Sir John Soane house in Holborn one Sunday but it was closed. So last Saturday, I decided that I wanted to go see it. It’s also free and you’re not allowed to take a photo which is even better as you just have to concentrate on the task at hand, sauntering around the gaf! It was UNREAL! Didn’t actually know that much about Sir John before I went but he was the guy responsible for building the Bank of England! And a zillion other stunning historical buildings!

holborn 3 holborn 1

holborn 2

The London phone box was also designed in Sir John’s front room not by him but he played a part! What a man! You can see the red shape of his front room window.. Kinda like a phonebox! There’s a few on Carey Street around the corner from his house!

The Seven Stars pub, London

Afterwards we headed to the cutest best little hidden gem pub and drank some Guinness, the 7 Stars pub on Carey Street. They even have a living in cat there who greets you as you come in the door. There’s probably only room for like 50 people in the entire pub which is quite funny! And the food is gorgeous too!

It’s defo worth a visit to Holborn pronounced HOBORN by London TFL tube woman!



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