My first wedding dress appointment! BOOKED! Tan?

So due to the fact that I hate 98% of all dresses I see, this should be interesting! I’ve booked a place in London in June so I am just going to try on everything and then maybe narrow it down. To those have been married before, do people wear fake tan on their wedding? I’ve not worn fake tan in maybe about 2 years now, mainly because I got a spray tan done before Greece one time and when I arrived and Alexis saw me at the airport, he was like ‘omg what happened’ haha! I kinda looked actually Greek so when I met his parents, I think they thought I was that colour but they soon realised when I got whiter and probably streaky as the days went on!! In fact I think I was blinding white by the time I came home. I am so pale but I am just not entirely sure that pale and wedding dresses work; I think I might need something?   Maybe I’ll wear a suit or like a black dress?!!! I have actually discovered one website, well actually I saw them on Instagram through Caris Closet Berta wedding dresses and it says they stock them in Caris Closet in Malahide, has anyone any inside info on Berta wedding dresses, they look insane but I am afraid that they’re like a zillion pounds.



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