I’m boring the head off myself on my blog!

It’s been like a few years now, that I’ve had the blog! Not sure if it happens to anyone else who has a blog but firstly I was writing about general life activity, then it became about dating but that’s no longer possible as I actually don’t go on dates with random people anymore which is also a blessing as that was hard work. The dates, not the writing about it!

Then it was like about running a marathon, kinda but not really. Then I was harping on about food. But I honestly don’t think that’s very interesting as nobody really cares too much about that! Now I am talking about wedding dresses but sure I don’t even like wedding dresses so that’s probably a pointless topic. I am not enough into makeup and fashion to write about it.

I think I’ve reached a brick wall with my blog. If anyone has any divine inspiration then please feel free to share! I’m going up Scafell peak in 2 weeks for the Amy Winehouse Foundation so maybe I’ll write about that but it may be time to put the blog to bed! I love writing but what does anyone actually want to read about?!


4 Comments on “I’m boring the head off myself on my blog!

  1. Hi Jenny,

    What was your motivation at first to start blogging? Did you already have a group of people who wanted to read your thoughts or was the blog created just for yourself?


    • Hey there! Well I started it the night I moved to London and thought I would just share life experience, which I did but now I ust feel uber bored and I don’t think anyone is too much interested in the things I am writing about!! If you’ve any divine inspiration, please feel free to share!!


      • Well I guess boredom visits every one of us now and then 🙂 Life experience can be exciting, because even if we are different, there are overlaps so anyone could be a potential reader like: Oh yes, this post is really not far from ‘happenings’ in my world. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s the way I see it.

        What is it you really like to do on an average day? Or something you think you are really good at? Me, for example created a wooden jewellry box (it was a real male thing even if it doesn’t sound like) and it was great. Maybe I could write about that too 🙂 So what about you?

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  2. People want to know other bloggers have anxiety about their blogs too. Don’t worry you’ll be back to blogging soon! You just needed a break maybe. If you love to write don’t stop.


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