It’s gone vintage. lace. wedding dress Boho!

That’s the only way I can describe what I like. With the help of Instagram and Pinterest, I’ve narrowed down what style of wedding dress I like. Every time I am DRAWN to the lace, vintage, boho, old school antique type of look. I never thought that would be what I would like but that’s the way it’s going. It’s like I have an aversion of stepping inside a wedding dress shop. It excites me as much as my Monday morning alarm clock. Honestly. I don’t think I will actually step inside one… They just don’t do it for me… So it’s more the boho look I’m heading for. God only knows what I’ll come out in but I am going to get a designer to make it… It’s the only way. I’ve already contacted one and she asked me to describe what kinda of dress I would like so I said… ‘Picture Priscilla Presley’s head, just her head, and her hair, not her dress, but with a vintage antique old school lace boho type of look.’ Rigghhhttt… The mission continues….

I’ve a mild obession with P Presley! She’s a GOD!

P Presley P Presley 2


One Comment on “It’s gone vintage. lace. wedding dress Boho!

  1. Love your post! I too have an obsession with Priscilla. She is just amazing!

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