The Best clean eating book ever – Madeleine Shaw

So I’ve just bought the Madeleine Shaw ‘Get the Glow’ book and I just love it. It’s all about eating the right food and getting the healthy glow from the inside out… I’ve previously attended Madeleines yoga brunches and evening suppers in London and they’re just divine. If you’re looking for a decent, simple yet amazing book to get yourself eating clean then I’d highly recommend this one! Or if you’ve fallen off the band wago and need some tasty inspiration, then go get this! It genuinely makes me excited about eating!

Madeleine Shaw Madeleine Shaw 2 photo 1 (10)Madeleine Shaw 3photo 4photo 1 (3)


2 Comments on “The Best clean eating book ever – Madeleine Shaw

  1. I’ve been so curious about this book and whether it’s worth buying or not… are the recipes realistic, or do they need a ton of expensive ingredients no one ever actually has at home?!

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    • Hi Jess, that’s why I love it. Cause you can buy all the things in your local shop! No mad stuff! You might need to get the cacao on Amazon but apart from that it’s fab! x

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