Snapchat people you should follow!

So I joined Snapchat a few weeks ago but took me about a month to actually understand what was going on! I’m now mildly obsessed with it! I really love seeing what other people are up to in their daily lives… Here’s a 12 really entertaining Snapchat people I follow and if you’re on Snapchat, you should follow them too.. oh and me!! My life is obviously more interesting that Kim Kardashian!! All the below are mainly Irish so it’s a good place to start your Snapchat life! @jennyconlon


Pippa O Connor – @pippa.oconnor .. I want all her gorgeous clothes

Rosie Connolly – She’s amazing and has regular updates @rosieconxxx 

Marissa Carter – @cartermarissa.. love all her beauty updates about Cocoa Brown… you’lll learn how to apply makeup!

@momfitnessdiary – I want to make all her food!

@retroflame1 – if you want to feel like you live in NYC

Terrie McEvoy – Height of entertainment @tmcevoy24

@facesbygrace23 – She’s great fun!

Cian Twomey – Who wouldn’t want more of Cian… @mrciantwomey 

Rhianna – just because I’m fascinated @rihanna

Leanne Moore Fitness – inspirational & motivational @leannemoorefitness

Joanne Larby – @themakeupfairy... she’s got so much energy and motivates me to go to the gym!

Suzanne Jackson – endless hours of tips and glamour – @sosueme_ie 


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