Do you post ‘Save the Date’ wedding invites?

I am not sure if this is a new things as I don’t remember getting a ‘Save the Date’ invite years ago. Not that I was sent a lot of invites years ago because I was probably 10.  Is it like a new thing? Has anyone that has recently got married sent out ‘Save the Date’ invites? Or are they even invites, I think they’re more notifications to warn people not book anything else on that day? What’s the best way to communicate a ‘Save The Date’ message? Is it via post, email, texts, phonecalls, smoke signals? Obviously if you have guests coming from abroad, you need to give them notice… How much notice is enough? We’ve decided we will send some ‘Save the Date’ invites as I do think you can never give enough notice for these things…

What’s your thoughts?


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