Where to look for bridesmaid dresses when you have 7?

So I am not sure if it’s just me who finds it difficult to know where to even begin to look for bridesmaid dresses. I think it’s hard to pick one colour or one style to suit so I am not really sure to go with it just yet… Does anyone have any advice on good places to look? I think I would like long ones but then that might not suit everyone… I think getting people to the one place to find a dress is difficult too so is the best way online? Order a few and see what works? I think once you take the word bridesmaid away from the word dress the cost also decreases… I am not necessarily on the look out for a ‘bridesmaid dress’, I just want something nice, affordable and comfortable, something that you’d be happy to wear again….

Michelle Keegan had 7 bridesmaids in Hello! mag and I know 7 is a lot but I wouldn’t have it any other way…



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