My top 5 wedding day fears!

Is it just me or does anyone else have mild fears whether they come alive in your dreams at night or in the middle of the day? Here’s my top 5 wedding fears!

Spilling red wine or Guinness all over your white dress – I think maybe avoiding the pub before the ceremony even though I’d love to go for a pint of Guinness en route… avoiding both those drinks before 9pm would be probably the best approach!


Needing Valium – Getting so excited you need Valium to calm you – I’ve been to a wedding recently and I couldn’t relax with nerves and excitement for the bride, I needed to calm myself with some breathing exercises as rescue remedy was just not cutting it… I may need Valium on hand!

Being attacked by Jackson. Like he gets very excited and could maul me with his tiny dirty paws and they could get stuck in my dress like a fly in a spider web. I think he may need to be locked up that morning.

Losing my voice – It happens when I scream a lot, kinda like today after the rugby match at the weekend… and whether it’s excitement or rage, this could be a potential deal breaker… Saying the vows with no voice could be an issue!

Looking like a minger – I know it’s the one day where you’re meant to look like a goddess and I know you’ll be in professional hands but imagine you detest your appearance that day haha. Avoid all mirrors if that happens…



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