I love lamp!

So when you move into somewhere new and you’ve got to kit it out, it can be quite overwhelming. Especially when you want to buy a lamp or like curtains… I want to get these like £300 retro phone lamps from like some retro shop online but I don’t think the fiancé feels much the same about the lamps… I look at these things as investment buys, I think Greg, my father antique dealer (oh and check out his website if you needs any paint stripping… not human stripping, just paint, http://paintstripping.ie/ ) instilled a haute couture sense of style in my mind from a child but I think even he’d be horrified to think I’d consider spending £300 on a retro phone lamp, not that I can even afford them anyway… So I am going to settle for a lamp for £40 from House of Fraser or like pick one up off the side of the street or from a skip somewhere, although if anyone knows where in London, I can get a retro phone lamp, please let me know! Also I did assemble 4 chairs last night after about two hours so I think I’m going places people! Kelly Hoppen better look out!



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