Lemons erode your teeth… not crest white strips!

So I am a total obsessive lemon person. I like to have hot water and lemon every morning but recently I noticed that my two front teeth were like eroding with grooves across the front two teeth… I did think that this was perhaps due to previously Crest Whitening strips which I would leave on overnight (even though they recommended 30 minutes) Rules were made to be broken!!… ANYWAYS I went the dentist the other week and he informed me that it wasn’t the white strips (best news I heard all last year, just bought some more strips on ebay today), it was in fact the acidic nature of the mofo lemon… I was shocked to the core, my jaw dropped and I couldn’t believe it, nor could I speak! Not really but the moral of the story is that if you’re having lemon and water, drink it through a straw!!! I did also bite into the lemon itself on occasions so I think that would have been the final straw for the two front teeth… The front teeth have all now been filled in and I now drink through straws!!

photo 5

This price you pay for lemon love!


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Jenny Conlon is a broadcast, freelance journalist, writer and fashion and entertainment critic. Her work has featured on the RTÉ. fashion and entertainments website. She has assisted production of RTÉ's Morning Ireland and The Business. Jenny produced and presented a weekly fashion and entertainment show Girls Talk Back on 103.2 Dublin City Fm and was Newsreader and Editor of the newsroom. Her work continues to feature in Irish publications such as The Irish Tatler, U magazine and The Dubliner. Jenny completed her Masters in International Journalism in 2009. She is looking forward to a jam packed 2012 where she will continue broadcasting and writing and being inspired. She will be modelling for a high street fashion shoot and plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.....

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