Lemons erode your teeth… not crest white strips!

So I am a total obsessive lemon person. I like to have hot water and lemon every morning but recently I noticed that my two front teeth were like eroding with grooves across the front two teeth… I did think that this was perhaps due to previously Crest Whitening strips which I would leave on overnight (even though they recommended 30 minutes) Rules were made to be broken!!… ANYWAYS I went the dentist the other week and he informed me that it wasn’t the white strips (best news I heard all last year, just bought some more strips on ebay today), it was in fact the acidic nature of the mofo lemon… I was shocked to the core, my jaw dropped and I couldn’t believe it, nor could I speak! Not really but the moral of the story is that if you’re having lemon and water, drink it through a straw!!! I did also bite into the lemon itself on occasions so I think that would have been the final straw for the two front teeth… The front teeth have all now been filled in and I now drink through straws!!

photo 5

This price you pay for lemon love!


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