Fake eyelashes FAILER!!!!!!!

So yeah there I was the other week in the hairdressers and the girl doing my hair had the most alluring eyelashes. As I am a fake eyelash virgin, I asked her some questions like where she got them, how she positioned them so carefully and the best way to apply them. She told me she wore them most days so clearly I was hearing from a true pro! I was going out that night so I decided I’d give them a go. Off I went to Superdrug to purchase the eyelashes which she said were hanging off the end of one of the aisles. I actually bought 2 packs just in case I messed up the first. SO I bought the eyelashes and off I headed home. I was so excited to try them out that night. I spent ages doing my makeup without mascara preparing to apply the lashes. So when the moment occurred, I opened the eyelashes but couldn’t find them in the boxes pictured below. Yeah they weren’t in the boxes below mainly because I actually bought eyelash glue and ONLY eyelash glue. NOT IDEAL!!!!

Just a word of warning for anyone trying out fake eyelashes for the first time. Make sure to actually purchase the fake eyelashes before you try applying them!


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