So I’m officially an Editor!?! It’s NEVER EVER too late to just say…F**K THIS actual SH*T!!

My dream was always to be an Editor by 30. Like Anna Wintour, I thought I would end up in NYC and live the dream. Oh you know like in a NYC garden café just writing my column… Well it didn’t quite work out like that… After doing my BA in Arts (English & Sociology) along with the rest of the country in Ireland in 2008, I wasn’t really feeling it so while everyone else went travelling for a year I did a Masters in International Journalism. I gave the journalism a shot for a year and worked my tits off, got paid not one penny, presented my own radio show, was a newsreader, worked in RTÉ and morning Ireland, wrote for RTÉ, did some film reviews, was a feature writer at the Irish Tatler and also wrote for U magazine and other random stuff…

THEN the recession hit Ireland and the whole qualified educated youth at that time emigrated to either London, Canada, Australia, China or somewhere else other than Ireland… After a year of working for free I actually went on the dole.. Get your Masters and go on the dole, that was the craic in Ireland…( I really did not want to but I was driving around Ireland doing radio pieces and paying for petrol, applying for jobs morning noon and night and also working full time for free so I was forced by my uncle to go on the dole…) A week or so after being on the dole…I thought ..Fu*K This Sh*T….So I myself sold my car and boarded the James Joyce Ulysses..ferry… to London.. so apt!! I kind of like to think of myself as if I were boarding Titanic like Leo with nothing but the shirt on my back… obviously without the ending but you know what I mean… Well actually my Dad drove me to London mainly cause he was not paying for my luggage on a Ryanair flight so it was probably cheaper that way…Nice voyage I must say, they do a good fry on the James Joyce…

I moved to London in April 2010 with not a clue nor a contact bar the girl I moved in with. And also no google maps or iPhone… I drew maps onto an A4 from a laptop to get to interviews (when there was signal from the dongle thing …oh and the laptop wasn’t actually mine as I didn’t have one) .. I also spoke to humans from time to time to navigate my way around Landan which I found rather effective!  Got a few dates out of that too, I was just being Irish but they took it as flirting in London… Advisable… Oh how far I’ve come! Also I didn’t have a clue how to actually go about getting a job when I got here (London). NORMALLY you’d think that kind of stuff through (most normal ppl would)… Oh no.. Not I… And if you are going to move to London, I am aware it’s not Jamaica but you do actually need to know stuff so that’s why I’ve kept writing for the and wrote this article on tips on if you are moving to Landan.. READ it here … Almost 30,000 people read that one so THANK YOU IRELAND!

So the past 6 years I’ve had the time of my life. I have however disliked EVERY job since (Sales, Business Development, Marketing) but the only plus to every job I’ve had is that I’ve met best friends for life and also my fiancé (on a blind date when he lived in Luxembourg but was in London on business set up by my manager at the time and our best man… another story!!) … So yeah I’ve not regretted one move I’ve made as it’s got me to where I am now…

Well I don’t know exactly where I am now or where I am going career wise… but I know it’s not back to where I came from.. I’ve decided to just do what I want to do and that’s write… Since I’ve decided to do that, through some weird fate I’ve managed to get the job as Editor of Time & Leisure Magazine covering the areas of Clapham, Battersea and Fulham… I’ve also written for Arcadia magazine and interviewed the beautiful and Irish Laura Whitmore a few weeks ago…

I really didn’t want to look back on my life in 10 years and regret not giving my writing another shot… Especially when it’s all I want to do.. And hopefully I won’t have to…(Apologies any grammatical errors in this post lol!)

The one person who will probably be happy to know my new giving no f**ks change of career attitude is Greg, my Dad, mainly because he paid the €7,000 for me to do the bloody Masters in Journalism in the first place.. and then told me there’s no money to be made in it… which there probably isn’t but at least he knows his money isn’t fully wasted! He also tells me that his antique business is fu**ed every day of the week but he has managed to successfully run his business and survive it fairly ok these past 30 years!! Thanks Dad, I’ll pay you back that 7k when I’m a success like J.K Rowling!!

So I think Alan Watts pretty much sums it up… And no matter what happens or where I go… at least I’ll know I gave it a shot… even if I can’t pay my bills, mortgage or afford to eat… I mean at least I’ll be happy!!!! Right?! Believe in yourself and the rest will fall into place… That’s what I am rolling with…

PLEASE LISTEN to Alan and live your life like money is no object! Sometimes you just need to say F**K this shit and go for it!


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