A life changing Hatton Garden secret… How to make those diamonds SHINE…

So today we picked our wedding bands at Hatton Garden, totally went over the budget but hey, you only live once… Actually I’ve been saying ‘sure you only live once’ for the past 6 months so it’s probably better you only do live once otherwise we would probably be declared bankrupt but sure memories are priceless and … YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! lol…

ANYWAYS, so your man, the one who makes the rings, not sure if he has a fancy name like a milliner but let’s just call him the ring man who is called Matthew… (we actually went back to the jeweller where I got my engagement ring) and I left the engagement ring there for an hour (after we chose the wedding bands) to get cleaned and he then told me how you do it at home!! So you basically go to Tesco, Sainsburys or a convenience shop of your choice, you saunter down the kitchen cleaning aisle and you grab some PLATINUM FAIRY WASHING UP LIQUID… I was freaking out this was like the most amazing shocking thing I’d heard all year… ‘Sorry what Matthew, are you having a lol’. Matthew was not having a lol.


My ring is like so sparkly I can’t look at it cause it’ll blind me but not being funny it has gone from dull to DIVA in like an hour.

Now for the moment that’ll change your life…

Step 1 – Buy Platinum fairy washing up liquid

Step 2 – Boil the kettle

Step 3 – Put some liquid in a bowl and add boiling water

Step 4 – Make your dinner and eat it and leave your ring to shine

Total cost of this life changing experience – £1.27

Honestly I think some people know this trick but for those who do not, it’ll change your life.

Shine BRIGHT like a diamond ppl… SHINE FOCKING BRIGHT!