Thank you Millie Mackintosh – You found my wedding dress designer!!

So I’ve managed to avoid stepping inside one wedding dress shop which I am happy about as they just don’t float my boat and I dislike 99% of all the wedding dresses I’ve seen. So I follow Millie Mackintosh on Instagram and one day a few months ago, she posted a pic of one of her mates in her wedding dress on her wedding day and she tagged the designer who created the dress. The dress was the first one that I’d seen that actually resembled a dress that I had been searching for but that I couldn’t find… So stalking ensued and I followed the designer on Instagram, stalked her whole account, followed her on Twitter, went onto her website and got weak at the dresses she created… the dresses are INSANE… I still get weak looking at them… Once I see something I like (which is rare when it comes to clothes as I also hate shopping), I go with it. I knew in my gut from the moment I saw Millie’s mates wedding dress that I was onto something…

I had the first meeting with the wedding dress designer who is actually an artist, a GOD two weeks ago and I already knew I had made the right decision. I went to her new studio in East London which is a stunningly beautiful old wedding dress factory building which huge ceilings, old school walls mixed with the tranquil relaxation that you want to find when looking for a dress. I’m not going to say who the designer is as I don’t want anyone to get an idea of what it’s going to look like but if you want to know you can email me and I’ll tell you!!! So really I want to thank Millie Mackintosh because without her, I never would have found my beautiful wedding dress designer God.. I think I actually want to live in her studio, can’t wait to go back!

Thank you Millie Mackintosh for helping me find my wedding dress designer!