Strong is definitely the new skinny as I interviewed the beautiful, Miss Toned Figure Ireland 2013, Julija Laurusonyte for on The increasing rise of bodybuilding and how strong is the new skinny. HITS – 26, 631


Another piece I wrote for about The truths and costs of moving to London.  Hits – 22,179


After 11 years, I decided to write my story on my experience with Anorexia… Thank you to the for sharing my story…It was really hard for me to write it but so happy I did and if I help one person then it’ll be worth it…

You can also read the article on by clicking on the link below…Anorexia… A Dark Place – I can’t decide the moment I wasn’t going to eat – 26 May 2013

Picture 049

Picture 051Picture 045

Running the London marathon was probably one of the more challenging things of 2013 but the most rewarding and amazing experience of my life. I raised over £2,000 for charity and wrote about this for the

You can read my article on my London Marathon 2013 experience. HITS – 13,985

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Another exciting thing I got involved in this year was jumping out of a plane with the Amy Winehouse Foundation to celebrate Amy’s 30.  Amy’s Mum Janis and 28 others will be jumping out of a plane in early 2014 to raise money for the foundation and other suffering from addiction. I am so proud to be involved in this!

Here is my article on the on my parachute jump with the Amy Winehouse foundation.  HITS – 12,312






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