Where to look for bridesmaid dresses when you have 7?

So I am not sure if it’s just me who finds it difficult to know where to even begin to look for bridesmaid dresses. I think it’s hard to pick one colour or one style to suit so I am not really sure to go with it just yet… Does anyone have any advice on good places to look? I think I would like long ones but then that might not suit everyone… I think getting people to the one place to find a dress is difficult too so is the best way online? Order a few and see what works? I think once you take the word bridesmaid away from the word dress the cost also decreases… I am not necessarily on the look out for a ‘bridesmaid dress’, I just want something nice, affordable and comfortable, something that you’d be happy to wear again….

Michelle Keegan had 7 bridesmaids in Hello! mag and I know 7 is a lot but I wouldn’t have it any other way…



Book your wedding band TEN YEARS IN ADVANCE!

Wedding band confirmed! Phew.. so anyone getting married and booking a decent wedding band, then prob just do that 10 years in advance…Or maybe twenty… Actually just do it from the day you’re born… Ok not really BUT…  Is the whole of Ireland getting married?!! I’d asked a few people for advice on wedding bands, mainly the ones who are married… Anyways, bare in mind, we’re not getting married for over a year, it was quite worrying that the top 1 or 2 bands that we wanted were actually not available… Ok tiger… I mean I think I am defo in the wrong business.. If only I could sing… now in saying that I am really happy with the choice!! ‘Hi are you available in like September 2070? No… you’re not? Ok grand thanks bye’….

Did anyone else have a mild panic when trying to find a wedding band?


Do you post ‘Save the Date’ wedding invites?

I am not sure if this is a new things as I don’t remember getting a ‘Save the Date’ invite years ago. Not that I was sent a lot of invites years ago because I was probably 10.  Is it like a new thing? Has anyone that has recently got married sent out ‘Save the Date’ invites? Or are they even invites, I think they’re more notifications to warn people not book anything else on that day? What’s the best way to communicate a ‘Save The Date’ message? Is it via post, email, texts, phonecalls, smoke signals? Obviously if you have guests coming from abroad, you need to give them notice… How much notice is enough? We’ve decided we will send some ‘Save the Date’ invites as I do think you can never give enough notice for these things…

What’s your thoughts?


Snapchat people you should follow!

So I joined Snapchat a few weeks ago but took me about a month to actually understand what was going on! I’m now mildly obsessed with it! I really love seeing what other people are up to in their daily lives… Here’s a 12 really entertaining Snapchat people I follow and if you’re on Snapchat, you should follow them too.. oh and me!! My life is obviously more interesting that Kim Kardashian!! All the below are mainly Irish so it’s a good place to start your Snapchat life! @jennyconlon


Pippa O Connor – @pippa.oconnor .. I want all her gorgeous clothes

Rosie Connolly – She’s amazing and has regular updates @rosieconxxx 

Marissa Carter – @cartermarissa.. love all her beauty updates about Cocoa Brown… you’lll learn how to apply makeup!

@momfitnessdiary – I want to make all her food!

@retroflame1 – if you want to feel like you live in NYC

Terrie McEvoy – Height of entertainment @tmcevoy24

@facesbygrace23 – She’s great fun!

Cian Twomey – Who wouldn’t want more of Cian… @mrciantwomey 

Rhianna – just because I’m fascinated @rihanna

Leanne Moore Fitness – inspirational & motivational @leannemoorefitness

Joanne Larby – @themakeupfairy... she’s got so much energy and motivates me to go to the gym!

Suzanne Jackson – endless hours of tips and glamour – @sosueme_ie 


So I’ve joined a gym…

So I’ve just joined a gym today! I’ve joined Virgin Active as I feel that I need more than just running! Training for the marathon involved high levels of running but it’s hard to run as much when you’re not training towards anything! They have a really good selection of classes and I can use a whole list of Virgin Active gyms so the one by work and the one near my house and millions more… They also offer yoga and pilates too so that’s a plus!

I’ve been away on holiday and moving house so I’ve not really done any proper exercise in over 3 weeks which is quite unusual for me… so now I am back in the game!

Is anyone a member or Virgin Active and if so, what are really good classes…


The words ‘on fleek’… they’re creeping in…

I think I’ve been spending too much time on Instagram and Twitter following fashion and make up bloggers. I don’t know where the hell I picked these words up but they’re starting to creep their way into my vocab which isn’t ideal. NOT IDEAL! Everything is so ‘on FLEEK’. As far as I am aware, it means, ‘on point’ but I could be wrong… Lord help me!!  Are you eyebrows on FLEEK….


So I have 7 bridesmaids…

Yeah sure why not, I mean it was either all or nothing; feast or famine, so I decided it was all feast! I hope the photographer has a wide camera lens! Some people will think I am mental for having 7 bridesmaids but I don’t really care. Everyone is different and will have their own way of doing things but this is the way I want to do it so bring it on!! I want all my friends with me to get ready and basically just have the craic…

Michelle Keegan had 7 and her photos were divine so I’ll roll with that!!


That time I almost got hypothermia on Scafell Pike!

So forgot to write my update on climbing Scafell Pike. On 1 June myself and Brightsmoke climbed the highest mountain in the UK. Beforehand, we were both so busy with life we didn’t actually have much time to pre-think about it which was probably for the best. We had time to think on our 9 hour car journey there though!!  It was such an amazing experience climbing the mountain but I literally nearly froze! It was so cold, windy, raining and general miserable. It was kind of like being in one of the Twilight films. It also involved walking or holding on for dear life close to the edge of really high cliffs. I am not a mountain climber and I never will be but glad we made it through and raised money for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. It took about 30 cups of tea, 10 layers and 50 million blankets, a few packs of biscuits as we forgot to bring our lunch up the mountain…  to restore our bodies to the normal body temperature of a human afterwards. I don’t think I’ve even been so weather beaten in my life. I’d highly recommend it though, such a lovely part of the world! So myself and Bryony have jumped out of a plane together, climbed the highest mountain in the UK so what’s next….!!!!!

We couldn’t actually take pics or record anything on the way down due to 60mph winds and being swallowed and eaten by nature!

You can also watch the video of our voyage HERE! 

Scafell 1 Scafall 4 scafell 3 Scafell 2


7 simple tips to feeling confident in a Bikini!

Let’s face it, everyone is somewhat conscious about strutting their thang down a beach when the summer months come around. These are some things that I think help you get a comfortable bikini body. There is no ideal body shape, everyone is different… but these tips will help you feel more confident if you’re worried about getting into a bikini this summer.

Picture 080

  • Drink 2-3 litres of water a day – Good for your skin and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Avoid soft drinks, even diet coke, lethal!
  • Cut out white wine & beer (drink clean, vodka, soda, lime etc.. the odd red wine is ok too). You don’t need to become boring, just become aware. Wine and beer lead to a jelly belly.
  • Stop eating crapola – They say that it’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercise… Once your eating is right everything else should follow. Eating healthy does not have to be boring. I recently bought Madeleine Shaw’s book so that’s filled with gorgeous nutritious food.

Picture 091

  • Do your exercise in the morning – Go for a 30 minute jog the minute you wake up before you’ve eaten. That way your work out will be more effective.
  • Don’t crash diet – This is the worst thing you could do, people will go on juice detox or like a mad diet before their holidays. This won’t work. It might for a week. But you need to be consistent and just eat normally, breakfast, lunch and dinner… Otherwise you’ll create a problem for your metabolism.
  • Try switch carbs for protein in the few weeks before your holiday. Eating an omelette in the evening instead of a baked potato..
  • Eat full fat everything.. in moderation..  and low fat nothing. Fat does not make you fat, sugar does. Fat makes you feel full. Low fat won’t as it’s full of sugar…



Why is it so hard to find a decent bikini this summer? Help me girls!

I’m just asking for a little affordable flattering sex appeal! It’s that time again, I’m going on holidays to Greece for 2 weeks in July, where else would I be going! I need a bit of Island hopping of a summer. I’m going to Naxos and another island that I can’t spell or pronounce but it’s ok Alexis is fluent.. but I do know it’s fairly remote and has no wifi.. help me Jesus!! I think the lonely planet visited once…

photo (3)

Our balcony in Santorini last year… swoon…

Anyways, so on my lunch breaks, I’ve ventured out to the likes of River Island, H&M as I am trying to upgrade from Primark/Penneys as I just can’t face anymore TK Maxx style shopping in there, the stress is too much. I also dislike shopping in general but this year, I’ve taken to looking online also, as I am on my lunch break today. I literally can’t find any nice Bikini’s. They’re all so plain Jane, boring the head off me. There are really nice ones I have seen for like £120 but I refuse to spend anymore than £25/30 on one bikini. I’d rather get 2 nice ones instead of like 5 Primark ones. You only end up wearing the same ones all the time anyway.

Picture 088 Picture 089 Picture 084Picture 087

I’ve also taken to fashion blogs but still nothing. It’s more like a chore than anything else.

Can someone tell me where I will find nice bikinis that actually excite me?

This stuggle is also as real as wedding dress shopping!