Ok so I am really ready to go home for Christmas and get my fix of the following! Dublin is the only place to be over Christmas, there is no better place than the buzz of Grafton Street, seeing Bono busk with Glen Hansard, then kissing Glen Hansard, kissing Jackson all day everyday, my annual horse and cart trip from Grafton Street to O’Brien’s off Lesson Street, walking out the lighthouse, loving James Joyce in the Bailey,  Christimas eve craic, Keoghs, Guinness, pub attire, hats, mistletoe, bants and having the general time of your life! I am officially ready to go home..!

Dublin Jackson CavanGlen HansardGuinnessHorse and cartBono



Christmas Tree James Joyce


This one’s for the Dream Team & Hnatiuk

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the true original dream team reuniting for our annual Christmas jumper night with mistletoe… 24 hours to go… Get on your Christmas jumpers, it’s time!! This one’s for the DREAM TEAM & Hnatiuk! (my number one reader!!) Samantha we will toast to you all night long as you sit wearing your Christmas jumper in Singapore! Mulled wine, chestnuts Amy hair and bants… #dreamteamforever – I love you all!

dream team 4

Dream Team

Dream Team 3

Dream team 2



Dear Diageo, I think you should call Young’s!

Dear Diageo, Arthur Guinness, Young’s & London Stout, I had to blog about this because it’s annoyed me so much! So basically over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that Guinness has been replaced in a number of pubs in London by London Stout, that’s fine if that’s what Young’s are deciding to do. I do however find it unacceptable how they’re marketing London Stout in some pubs as you can see in my below pic. Highly unimpressed with the whole situation! I think Diaego need to have a word with Young’s! The font on the London Stout glass looks pretty similar to me and the position of their logo. The only real difference in my opinion is the white stripes on the London Stout glass. Young’s? Diageo? London Stout   XxJCxX

Did anyone else do this as a child?

So myself and my cousin were chatting the other night over tea, biscuits & The Apprentice so thanks for the inspiration Ciara.. SO basically when you were younger and you had to get up really early the next day, did anyone actually get dressed the night before and get into bed wearing their outfit for the next day to save time so you could have more in bed and then all you’d need to do would be brush your teeth and put on your shoes because you most likely had your socks for the next day on too?!? Or maybe it was just us!!




The Tril-by of life!

I must say I’ve been Trilby unhappy since some Trilby thief whipped my most fav Trilby off my head at the Cavan Fleadh about 2 years ago! The devastation… then a shop owner gave me a free cowboy hat to compensate but it was just never the same! But today… at lunch, I went into a charity shop in Croydon and discovered the below Trilby! I’ve not been this Trilby happy in years! It’s so hard to find a decent Tril as my head is so enormous.


TRILBY HAPPY PEOPLE…. I may never take it off!


My trip to Coronation Street!

Well I can safely say that I had the time of my life visiting the set of Coronation Street. It was the most surreal thing ever and pretty much felt like I was at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I am an actual granny who loves to watch Corrie and drink tea of an evening!

photo 8photo 9

Firstly you go through all the interior of the houses on set and then you go out onto the street at the end. They line you up behind a set of double doors, blast the Corrie music and then open the double doors onto Coronation Street, which is the strangest thing ever as you feel like you’re in the TV, well kinda but not really.

photo 6photo 5

Gail’s house is the smallest I’ve ever seen! It’s so tiny in real life. Roy’s bag that he constantly brings around with him is actually belonged to his real life mother. You get to see the green room where all the staff would hang out every morning and learn their script!

photo 7photo 1

The rovers return was definitely my favourite but they don’t actually serve real alcohol. We saw Hayley’s coffin and Jack and Vera’s house.

photo 2photo 11

They have a souvenir shop in the medical centre at the end so we bought a shopping bag with Deirdre’s face on it, a pinny for cooking and some Christmas cards! All in all, I lived the Corrie dream! And then to top it all off, had an unreal night out in central Manchester!! One observation about people in Manchester, NONE of the girls wear jackets, they dress up to the 9’s but not one person was wearing a coat even though it was sub zero! That was fascinating to me.. but apparently it’s the norm to risk catching your death! Again, I sound like a granny!!! photo 10 You can also get married there if you’re a hard core fan and have parties! Highly recommend a visit to the cobbles!! I wanna go back! XxJCxX

So…I used to have an eating disorder


Really love this blog post by Ailbhe x

Originally posted on Invisibly Imperfect:

Or as I would say in my days of one foot in denial, one foot in a lot of people I love around me are really worried about me world, “a problem with food”.

Ha. Let’s dissect that for what it really is, a fair bit of the ol’ bullshit. More accurate would have been: a problem with ____ and you could have filled that with any number of fun options. Among my favorite choices from the days of denial were

a) my job,

b) my London just graduated from college world,

c) all the annoying people who keep watching what I eat.

Or in the days of actual self-reflection and understanding, here’s the scary truthful list you could have filled that blank with

a) never believing I was good enough,

b) getting all of my self worth from anything except my self,

c) just basically that although I’m all…

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Fuel your high vis life!

I don’t know if I bore the head off everyone going on and on about running but I quite like running so I’ll continue… As I’ve signed up for the London Marathon 2015, and running for MS.. Yipee!  I’ve decided to start dabbling in a bit of running now. Nothing too serious but I think there are a number of things you must invest in if you are going running in the dark cause let’s face it, it’s dark in the morning and dark in the evening. High Vis Get a high vis jacket –  I got mega excited to go for my first run in the high vis the other night. I really wonder about myself sometimes! I was running around in the dark with no high vis anything before.. NADA in the dark of the night so I would advise that you invest in one of these bad boys and bring in a few planes on your run! I’d love a luminous visor to really set the whole ensemble off! I got this one the other day in a proper sports shop for like £40. Great for the rain and wind too! Wimbo Find a running partner/victim – I tend to do longer runs at the weekend so find a victim, enthusiast to go with you. It makes it way more fun and then you can get them to take pointless pictures of you mid run… sure why not! Get an good running watch, app etc so you can time how fast you’re going and if you’re improving and this will teach you about distance and how long it will take you to run places. This is imperative if you’re training for a half or full marathon. Great Northern Run Fuel the high vis life – Make sure you eat something decent before and after a good run. Nothing too mentally heavy but I like to have an avocado smootie. Or like gluten free porridge or like quinoa porridge. Or like porridge bread or like something just really nice. photo 1 Ok so those are my few tips on things you need to do before you start running through these Winter months. I also realise that my grammatical errors may be plenty above! Run forest run… XxJCxX