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THEE Great Northern Run!

So myself and 9 others will be doing the Great Northern Run in September to raise money for the MS Society, a charity that we are all very passionate about. The scary thing is that MS isn’t an old persons condition. Most people are diagnosed before they are 40 meaning many years of living with a condition that is different for each sufferer. Only 100,000 people in the UK suffer from MS. I bet you all know someone who has it though. The 10 of us do and are going to try and do our bit by taking part in the worlds biggest half marathon, the Great North Run on the 7th Sept 2014. We would really appreciate if you could help us hit our combined target by donating whatever you can! Thank you x x x x You can sponsor us on our Just Giving Page.


The last half marathon I did was in Tunbridge Wells in the FREEZING cold in an oversized jumper in the height of February so I must BEAT my time! Did that one in 2 hours 4 minutes!  Better go for a run so! I’m all about the PB now.  Under two hours would be immense!




Oil Pulling – Start your day the white way!

I have to say I REALLY like oil pulling. If you don’t know what oil pulling is… well basically you get some coconut oil, sun flower oil or sesame oil. You put a tablespoon into your mouth and leave it there for 20 minutes. Swish is around now and then like its mouthwash!. I use coconut oil in and on everything and it’s truly amazing. The one below is my fav coconut oil! It’s not cheap but it’s no more expensive than a bog standard bottle of wine! You should try it! Just open your kitchen cupboard! I’m also convinced this makes your teeth whiter! And it’s so good for your gums and makes your mouth feel so fresh and coconutty! Winning…Yeee haaa!


The White diet… is not fun…but smiling is

So I got this deal on Groupon to get my teeth whitened. So I decided to give it a go. The offer was too good to resist. So I went to Richmond on Tuesday evening and got it done there. I thought it would be some complete kip as Groupon can be hit and miss. But it was such a swish salon and I loved it.

The whole procedure was quite expected yet random. The only negative I have is that you have to only eat white things for 48-72 hours after. Kinda like prison I’d say. That means, no tea, no coffee, no anything that you actually like. It’s SOOOOOOO boring but I’ll do it cause they told me to! My teeth do look a bit whiter but nothing too Simon Cowell although I kinda wanted the Simon Cowell look.

Life without coffee is not one I choose to lead!



Remembering Amy x x x x

So it was only a few weeks ago that I did my Sky Dive to celebrate Amy being 30 with the Amy Winehouse Foundation. I did the Sky Dive with the beautiful Bryrony Marie Fry  who painted the picture below. And I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since she died. It’s gone so fast but her memory and presence definitely gets stronger every day. Thinking of Amy and all her family today x x x x



jump 10 jump 9


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Best Irish BROWN scone in Ireland! Where?

Not being funny but I haven’t located a homemade brown scone since I moved to Landan over 4 years ago. No offence Landan but you’ve disappointed me with this one. I know I could make my own but it’s just not the same!! So I decided that the brown scone below deserved its very own blog update! Isn’t she a beaut…

photo (8)

I must confess I didn’t have one, I had two brown scones with melted butter. Not a fan of jam so avoided that. And Greg had 2 croissants after his full blown breakfast bagel. Where oh where do you find these beauties? Well you’ll find them in Wilde and Green on Milltown Road, just at the bottom of the hill. Be prepared to fall in love! Once you taste one of these bad boys, there’ll be no looking back!

The finest brown scone in the land. #fact 

Cost of 1 brown scone to eat in – €2.50 

Cost of 1 brown scone to take out – €1.25 



photo 3 (4)

Coffee like a tea bag!

So on the way back from the Isle of Man last week, I ordered a coffee on the Easyjet flight and got this little bag of joy! It tastes SOOOOO good. SO then I tweeted them to express my joy and they sent me some more. The bags are so silky that and soft! I honestly think it’s a genius idea. The Little Coffee bag was founded by Carrie Bate who featured on the Dragon’s Den! She’s really inspiring!!! @littlecoffee bag. Thank you Carrie and I hope everyone tastes your little coffee bag! It’s like the Chanel of coffee!

photo 1 (8) photo 3 (4) photo 4 (2)

I’d say Johnny Cash would have loved these bad boys!


photo 1 (7)

**SECRET** How Irish (pasty) girls need to deal with summer!!

Well it’s probably not a secret but I’m Irish, I’m pasty and I’ve come to terms with that! I’ve ditched the fake tan in recent years and embraced the Twilight! So when it comes to a hot summer, I’d often struggle to whip out my legs/body without the fear of blinding people! Well Casper the friendly ghost can now live in harmony! The trick… 15 denier tan tights from boots!! I believe Kate Middleton is also a fan! Whip those bad boys out and work em like ya own em!


photo 3 (3)photo 1 (7)


And sure Kate loves it too!


Go forth and GLOSS!!



Maria Sharapova – A Marketing Genius

Well there ain’t no slows on Maria Sharapova, she’s clearly a marketing genius and more than just a pretty face! She has a pop up shop in the centre of Wimbledon village where she is selling her own branded sweets called Sugarpova! I’m not sure I encourage the sugar aspect but I do salute her marketing ways! It’s every kids dream, you get free sweets on arrival and can launch yourself into the photobooth for your free picture! So I had a go of that myself. Thanks Maria, you couldn’t get us out of that booth! #povapopup



Maria, we salute you! Thanks for faving my Tweet!



Quinoa – My new fluffy best friend!

Well it appears I have lots of food best friends these days but I have to say that Quinoa is certainly one of them. It brings so much joy to my life! So basically to describe it, it’s like rice and cous cous but NOT. It’s like as filling as rice and cous cous but lighter, easier to digest and is full of nutrients and protein so you don’t ever get that bloated feeling.


The best way to make it is to put a knob of coconut oil in a pot. Then add a cup of Quinoa to toast it until you hear it pop like popcorn. Then add two cups of water and simmer it for 20 minutes. You will then have the most perfect best friend in the world. I used it for lunch today in a salad. I’m so excited to eat it!! I think I need to get out more!!



Best friends come in all shapes and sizes even if they kill your bank balance at times!!

I love you Quinoa, you make my belly so happy!


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A Courgette paaartayyyy!

Yeah so I think I MAY have lost the plot since I came back from hols, I am so excited about making food and trying new things out everyday! I literally look forward to making dinner which is slightly odd for me as I’ve never got as excited about food before. I’ve always had a negative relationship with food and saw it as the enemy… SO I’m embracing the genuine excitement while it lasts!! So I decided to make up my own recipe last night. I basically got 2 courgettes, slit them a few times down the middle. Chop up ripe zingy tomatoes and stuff them in the slits. I then chopped some halloumi and threw that on. I also added some chia seeds a a bit of spice and pepper. Shove it in the oven and there ya go!

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (5)

You can’t keep me out of Holland & Barratt on my lunch breaks! My bank balance may take a hit!

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