Quinoa Porridge – Bye bye bloaty oats!

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So I’ve decided that oats are no good for my body, NOT GOOD FOR THE BADYYYY! In fact, they make me feel bloated and generally not great so I have decided to swap the usual oats for Quinoa flakes and the difference is immense! Everybody knows their own body so some food that agrees with my body may not agree with the next person. As it’s starting to get colder these mornings, I’ve decided to start making Quinoa porridge. It’s truly divine and satisfying and does not disrupt my stomach in any way shape or form! Also…Throw some seeds one and maybe banana and raspberries and blueberries! Sensational stuff!

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Why you’re putting on extra pounds in work?

My Green Drink!

Do you work in an office? I’ve always worked in an office of some shape or form and most of the people I know also work in an office. Are you constantly surrounded by chocolate, jam doughnuts, Roses, cakes, sweets, £1 shop jellies and everything else bad for you throughout the day. Work is the worst place on earth and often the hardest place to avoid it. When you’re feeling that morning or afternoon slump, you’ll eat anything if you’re hungry to give you an energy hit!


Some ways to avoid eating unnecessary empty calories…

1) Bring your own healthy snacks or a homemade smoothie! I keep empty glass jarr, make a smoothie and bring that to work with you. 

My shopping spree!

My shopping spree!

2) Keep a 2 litre bottle of water on your table and just keep drinking that. Might sound ridic but water is actually quite a good one!  

3) Make your own chocolate with raw cocoa, sounds mad but it’s so tasty and healthy! 

One of my new works snacks, walnuts, cashew nuts and cocoa nibs

One of my new works snacks, walnuts, cashew nuts and cocoa nibs

4) Make a bigger lunch that will really fill you up so you may not be as inclined to snack on the bad things! Quinoa salads are my current obsession. Make your salads heafty!

STEP away from the Cookie Jar in work and you’ll feel way better and lighter!



That time I met Mitch Winehouse!

So there I was one Friday night in March in Jazz After Dark in Soho, in a bar that Amy sang in all time time, even when she was famous! It’s the cutest smallest little jazz bar ever. I didn’t even know that Amy had loved it there too until after it was booked! She had great taste! I had dinner there, drank beer like a man and on my way out the door I OH so randomly bumped into Amy’s Dad,  Mitch Winehouse as he was coming in the door and I was walking out! My boyfy and his friend had already exited the bar and were waiting for me to come out. Well they’d be waiting a while…

mitch winehouse

There’s the G&T!!

Well I didn’t actually leave the bar as I was too shell shocked that it was Mitch as I greeted him like he was my long lost father! Defo must have thought he knew me with my wild reaction!! He then offered for me to sit at his table and asked if I wanted a drink. I had been drinking beer like a man all night but when Mitch asked what I wanted.. ‘Oh a G&T Mitch thank you’.. cause I’m so lady like and all! He told me how Amy loved that place and would always go there and go around talking to everyone (woman after my own heart!) Then boyfy (still outside) got a bit concerned, looked in the window and saw me with a random man, drinking a G&T! Concerned that I was having an affair he returned inside still throwing dagger looks… He didn’t realise it was Mitch so then Mitch bought him a drink too!

mitch 2

I was so shocked I was talking to Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s Dad, that I couldn’t get my words out!! I’m sure he either thought I was nuts or some sort of crazed Irish person, ‘no Mitch seriously, like, seriously’.. Morto!

I read the Guardian yesterday when Mitch was talking about the new sculpture that will be in Camden for all fans to visit!

‘”It’s personal to the family but it is also very important for her fans. We wanted to do something like this to give the fans a focal point to remember her and pay their respects,” he said.

“They were always wonderful but after she passed away they kept us all going and it’s important that we repay them in some way, and this sculpture is some small way of us repaying their kindness and their love.”


I’m so happy I got the chance to meet Amy’s Dad, felt like I met a little bit of Amy, such a lovely lovely man. Thanks Mitch for being so lovely and for the G&T!



Do you want ANTIQUES? My Dad has em all!

I have found myself recently having a new found love and fascination for Antiques. My Dad has been an antique dealer for 30 years and our house has always been jam packed with the stuff . Its been in the family for three generations but it wasn’t until recently that I actually have had a real interest in it! I interviewed two really well known Irish Antique dealers this week and discovered one of the most amazing shops of my life. I love how every single piece of furniture and ornament has a story to tell. A few years ago, a painting by one of Caravaggio’s followers was stored in my Dads shop which then went on to be sold from thousands and now lives in a London museum. I really love how the most interesting people ever saunter into antique shops. Ya can’t beat an afternoon discussion about Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian antiques!! The fascination continues……. GET YOUR BARGAIN MARY JESUS AND JOSEPH STATUES, which can been seen in the pics below!

Conlon Antiques, Clanbrassil Street, Dublin City!

Ph: 01-4532206

Paint Stripping Services also!


Why Men Mess with your Head – BE A STEAK!!

Why men mess with your head… I’m writing on this topic as so many people have googled this and hit my blog asking ‘Why men mess with your head’ so I thought I’d update my blog on this very topic… I actually think girls mess with guys heads just as much as guys mess with girls.. There are people out there that actually don’t mess with your heads and these are the ones that you want to surround yourself with, the ones who mess with your head are… NOT…

  • They mess with your head because, you allow them to, they have a girlfriend/boyfriend and you’re their piece on the side.. you’re not the steak on the plate.. you’re the mofo side salad, leafy and limp to them…… BE THE STEAK.. you wanna be the STEAK… A RARE… RARE STEAk!!!!!!!


  • because they know they can, if you’re vulnerable…. (mentally and emotionally) you’ll usually find a person who has low self esteem and not a lot of self confidence will have their head messed with.. the Head Messers (HM’s) will only mess with the heads of the weak..


  • it makes them feel in control…. and makes you feel out of control.. and most likely mentally insane at times…
  • they don’t care about your feelings and upsetting you
  • they could potentially be a psychopath
  • they get a kick out of it
  • they’re probably doing it to 5 others at the same time7977_4f85
  • they don’t love you
  • you’re too nice and they see you as being weak
  • they’re potentially jealous of you and head messing is the only way they can make themselves feel better
  • they’re the ones who have issues in their lives

There are many reasons why people will mess with your head but it’s you WHO gives them permission to do it… I personally think that James Joyce wrote Ulysses to mess with your head and perhaps he’s actually the only one who succeeded but that’s a whole other update…



My Top 17 Dating Tips!

1) Never arrive early EVER! – The reason being you end up standing like a complete tool at the bar by yourself downing a wine into you and are so morto because ppl are starring at you as it’s clearly obvious that you are going on a date. Your puce morto ‘let’s stare at my phone’ face gives it away.

2) If they are not funny, don’t pretend you think they are.

3) Set boundaries from the start. Otherwise they slack and the honeymoon period will be over before ya know it!! That’s if there is one to begin with. Going Dutch from the start is a farce and so 2010. Bring back 1920 chivalry. We have had enough feminism now.

4) Eat something light before ya go. (soaks up the wine) and also stops ya eating like an animal if you go to a restaurant.

5) If you go to a restaurant, make sure it’s not Thai. One word CHOPSTICKS. Not good, sexy or attractive when ya can’t use them. And then ya end up eating a grain or rice for dinner and the wine takes over!!

6) If he is drinking beer, don’t keep up with the round. 4 wines = A bottle, And memory loss. (perhaps ur dignity at stages too)! Know the one that’s one too many!

7) Wear something black – I find black is a good color and gives nothing away. Its mysterious, always looks good and makes ya look skinnier. Accessories are pivotal!

8) Use Johnson’s not tan – The whole like tan thing on a date is a bit ott for Winter time. Build it up over the week. It’s that natural ‘glow’ that we have!

9) If it’s not happening on date 1 ‘DELETE’ them. ‘DELETE’. Date 2 will just be painful.

10) Don’t come across as a stalker asking obvious questions. Like their surname, clearly so you can stalk them on FB/LinkedIn/Twitter!

11) Get a taxi to the door – Rocking up and having to change flats to heels around the corner is just not cutting it. Especially if there is a chance they could see you.

12) If they ask you to go back for tea – Just go back for tea. Maybe a biscuit too. Nothing more and nothing less! And make sure it’s Barry’s. If they don’t have a decent tea bag then cut it there and then!

13) Have a Pipeline (of men/women) – You don’t want to put all your chickens in one basket. You need alternative entertainment. Keep them flowing! Pipelines are all the rage!

14) Don’t ever have a sleep over on the first date. This is a major blunder! And if this happens. Make sure you shave your legs!!!

15) Flirt with your eyes – Just like Tyra banks told ya to! Smize!

16) Say something mental, something they don’t expect. Just to throw them, just when they think they have you sussed! Something like ‘omg I think I am a reincarnate of…’

17) Don’t date someone who works near you. It makes your daily lunch breaks a living nightmare.

**FLASHBACK** A perfect country getaway weekend in Wimbourne, Dorset!

So it all started on the national express bus station at Victoria on a Friday evening in March at about 7pm! Pre… national express bus, we (myself and my wife Lizzie) frequented the upmarket M&S to get our M&S cans of G&T and our calamari and prawn tapas! We also really treated ourselves to a £5 bottle of white wine and some plastic cups for the voyage down the M4!
Picture 001

I was elated to find out that they have a toilet on these national express buses! The absolute luxury of it all! When we arrived we had champagne and chatted about T.S Elliot, The Wasteland… Saturday morning we went for a run around Wimbourne, it’s the cutest country town ever. Past some old country pubs and visited the local church (walked up the aisle and waved to imaginary ppl) and a farm house shop!
Picture 002

I decided it was time to whip out my bad boy Hunters, buy some postcards… which I sent as Thank you cards for my Christmas presents… In March… few months later but…Also wished everyone a Happy St Patricks Day! Better later than never is my motto! We had amazing food, drank red wine, spoke to Americans, visited the wife’s school which is like Cruel Intentions and just generally had the time of our lives.
Picture 003

We also walked on the beach and had lunch at Sandbanks which is a dream… apart from almost getting blown in the sea. We did see and pick out our future home on millionaires row so it was good to get that out of the way! Picture 007

I felt like Kate Middleton all weekend and was treated like her too! Thank you to the Stevenson’s for a truly epic weekend! And also to Gordon who made me cry laughing on the floor for 30 minutes straight

Wimbourne I’ll be back!


What can you do with coconut oil?

Coconut Oil is not just oil…. it’s so much more… A few things you can do with the aul Coconut Oil…

Oil Pulling – I love doing a bit of oil pulling with coconut oil. Just put a teaspoon of it in your mouth and swish it around or let it just sit there for 20 minutes. SO good for your gums too.

Moisturiser – Yes, you can use this on your skin as a moisturiser, You’ll smell amazing!

Make up – Yes, that’s right, you can use it as highlighter for your cheeks. Well I do anyway.


Sugar crave – If you have a sugar crave just eat a teaspoon of it. It’ll sort you right out.

Hair Conditioner – Lather a bit of coconut oil into the end of your hair to keep it soft and silky.


There are so many things you can do with it but that’s just a few that I’ve tried and tested!



It’s all about the 360′

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise when you come home from work? Well this is what you need to do in order to succeed and walk/run/sprint/shimmy, whatever you want… out that door like you mean business in a 360′ movement!


It’s all about the 360.. go in that front door, do not faff, do not eat ( a few almonds/nut will suffice if needs be), go to your bedroom, change and walk out the door.


Get your ipod into your ears. The music will inspire the will power. Mentally think about your dinner when you come back so you’ll run faster!!

It’s all about the 360’!