Why I’m running for President

I would like to announce that I am now running for President of Ireland. The reason why is because my boyfriend said that he does not think that I could be the President of Ireland. I am not a political person and I do love a challenge and it’s never too late so I am very much looking forward to proving people wrong and flying the flag as a representative for Ireland and my people. I would like to offically thank my people for your support!!! All tweets welcome #jennyforpresident … The sheer passion clearly runs in the family as Greg demonstrates below!!



Top 8 foods I freeze!

Does anyone else find it more fun to freeze certain foods. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always frozen stuff such as chocolate flakes and Scots Clan (maybe that’s cause my Dad would bring home treats and either hide them in the frrezer or on the mantle piece after he planted a secret lottery ticket inside and re-sealed them with thick black tape.. to make it so secretive!!) . I really like to freeze things now too! Just like I always have a bottle of wine in the fridge, I like to have the following in the freezer!

Coconut cream – I freeze this in an ice-cube box and then eat them like mini ice-creams. Because I am cool!


85% Green & Blacks Organic chocolate. I am never as happy when it’s 70%. That 15% means the world to me haha!  It’s just so much more exciting frozen.

Grapes – I like to freeze grapes from time to time, they taste way more exciting and last way longer like a sucky sweet!

My shopping spree!

My shopping spree!

Dates –  Not the human ones though. Yes I put bags of dates in the freezer and eat them straight from the freezer. WAY more interesting!

Lemons – You freeze those bad boys and then you grate the rind and add it to water. Instant unreal results for the BADY!


Nut Clustets – When I make my own nut clusters with the aformentioned 85% dark chocolate, I also freeze those!

Clothes with chewing gum – Place them in the freezer and then you can break it off! TIP of the week!

Tasty JC bad boys

Tasty JC bad boys

Alexis – I tend to freeze my boyfriend Alexis from time to time if he annoys me! Just joking but the freezer is a good place to hide my chocolate from him!

How do you freeze yours?


Homemade Nakd bars – from the oven to the freezer!

Well I was attempting to make my own Nakd bars but it didn’t quite turn out that way so I decided to just make my own version which kinda turned out to be flapjacks. Not entirely sure actually. But I made it in a bread loaf tin so it kinda came out like a loaf haha! Well I must say they may not be Nakd bars but they are going down a treat! They’re the ideal afternoon snack in work! Here are those bad boys! photo 1 (14) photo 2 (11) photo 3 (7)

Whats in em?! 

1/3 Jar of Coconut Oil (melted)

20-25 dates – chopped small

Bag of cashew nuts – 200g

Half a bag of salad seeds (sunflower, pumkin etc) – 100g

2 large table spoons of Raw Cocoa (optional)

I just put this all in a bowl until it gets to an acceptable consistency. I then however put it in the loaf tin to bake in the oven? WHY OH WHY? Obvo the coconut oil then started melting so I took it out and put it in the freezer instead. If I had brains, I’d be dangerous. So crunchy out of the freezer with a cup of Barry’s tea. It’s like a guilt free treat!

Get your bread tins out and experiment!!


What I do with my empty Gu Ramekin’s!

I must say that the Gu Ramekin desserts are something I would classify as sensual on a spoon! I don’t eat them very often at all but the joy certainly does not finish after the last bite! I think the little glass ramekins that they come in are so dinky and cute! SO I keep the ramekin’s and use them for homemade hummus! Love a bit of resourcefulness! I’ve had the dark chocolate pudding and tasted the lemon cheesecake one and they’re dreamy. Such an easy yet impressive looking dessert if you’re having people over for Sunday dinner! Gu Ramekin’s forever!!!

photo (14)


Are you constantly tired?

Do you struggle to get out of bed these mornings? Are you sluggish and falling asleep on the way to work? Do you just feel wrecked all the time? Well here a few things I would suggest if you’re feeling this way.

Cut out the caffeine for a few days – Switch your morning coffee/tea for hot water and lemon. You’ll really feel the difference after a few days. In your skin and in your body. Obviously I don’t think you’ll be opening the window anymore like the below pic but you may still have the pleasure of seeing the sun shine! photo (10)

Make your own food – You need to start the day the right way. Cut out cereal and anything processed. If you don’t nourish your body, it’s not going to function properly. Maybe try my RAW Babe smoothie or Quinoa bread! or Quinoa porridge! DIVINE!

photo (6) photo 1



Take up Bikram or something warm! – The evenings are getting dark and the weather is getting cold. Nobody really wants to go outside. Taking up something like Bikram yoga or swimming is appealing as these things will make you warm and they’re also exercise! Don’t look at exercise as something that is a burden. If you see it this way, then you’ve not found the right type of exercise for you. Do something that you like to do!

photo (13)

Buy a Winter Coat – You can’t and won’t ever beat the cosy feeling of a Winter coat on Winter mornings! I just bought one in Oasis and I am in love with it! It’s a long black belted coat! So cosy!! Ok well Greg bought it but still, a good Winter coat makes all the difference!

Soup it up! It’s time people!  – I am a major fan of soup when the weather starts to get cold! It’s so easy and cheap and you can get a microwavable cup that you can bring to work!


Make yourself divine treats!Chocolate stuff! Aim for 85% cocoa! TWEET ME PICS – @JCo4 XxJCxX

Podcast – My 3 day juice detox on Dublin City Fm!

I had a great time chatting to the Lunchtime Ladies on 103.2 Dublin City Fm last week especialy the lovely Louise Tighe! If you missed it and want to listen, you can do that here! GO TO 15;40 and I should be there!! I actually can’t listen back to the sound of my own voice as it’s too cringe but if you’re thinking of doing a 3 day juice cleanse you can see how I got on! Chatting on the radio actually makes me miss radio so much but sure maybe I’ll go back one day, with an English accent. NOT!


#OBSESSED – Curried Quinoa!

photo 1 (13)

My obsession with Quinoa (KEEN-WHA) and not KIN-O-AHH like I would usually say is almost as bad as my avocado obsession which is pretty bad! You can do some much with Quinoa, you can make it savory or sweet! I was feeling like I wanted something savory the other night so decided to try and turn the Quinoa into a curry! I just made the Quinoa as normal and added hot curry powder! Also threw in some onion and seeds! TIP- When making Quinoa, add a tablespoon of coconut oil to the pot, then add the Quinoa and cook the Quinoa until it pops and then add the water! Tastes much better!  

photo 2 (10) photo 1 (13)

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Why Bikram is hotmazing!

So I’ve started doing Bikram yoga in Wimbledon but mainly because I got an amazing intro offer which is £30 for 30 consecutive days. So I think I am on about my 7th/8th class at the moment. I think it takes a few classes to actually get into it. They say that staying in the room on your first session is an achievement. I could see how Bikram gets addictive. You honestly feel rejuventated after the class, probably because you’re profusley sweating throughout the 90 minutes. I’m not the best at it because I am so not flexible but I think I’m getting better. There’s 26 postures throughout the class but it always never seems that many! There are sometimes more men in the class than women and they’re actually really good at it! You also get so toned and a flat stomach too!

I love a good stretch!

photo (13)

1 possession you need in your life!

You need a Jason Vale juicer. It will change your life and make your life all the more juicy! You also get a little book that comes with lots of juice ideas! This one was £99 but it’s an investment buy so definately worth it. Juicers can be so expensive so this one is really great!

photo 3


photo 1


And then you can make your own juice cleanses forever!



My 3 day juice cleanse experience!

I am alive. 3 days juicing. 2 Bikram yoga classes and one body that is now my temple!

Day 1

So day one involved Jack delivering me my juices and showing me how to make a wheatgrass shot and also other alternatives if you’re feeling like you need a kick in between juices. I must say the first afternoon was the hardest as my body was adjusting to not eating breakfast or lunch. I am a big breakfast and lunch fan so this part of the day was the hardest for me. The withdrawal from Quinoa at lunch was tough!! BUT when I reached the afternoon I started not to want food as much and finished my afternoon/evening juice without feeling hungry. I also managed to fit in a Bikram yoga class which I’m delighted to say I survived!

photo 3 (6)

So day two was easier. Started my day with a wheatgrass shot and with my freshly delivered green juice. Doing a juice cleanse when working is actually easier as you don’t have as much time to think about it! I was flagging a little in the afternoon but once I had my orange juice, I decided to hit another Bikram yoga class, which I did. I felt eneregised after it, it’s really so strange how you could feel energised after only having juice for 2 days. You also have two bottles of juice per day (they’re big like 2ltrs).

photo 4 (5)

The third day was pretty much the easiest for me. I wasn’t hungry at all or thinking about food. I felt really energetic and made it through to the end of the day. I also had a shot of wheatgrass at the end of the day too! That could really be the new caffine.

photo 1 (12)

Overall I think everyone should do a juice detox as your body needs a break every now and then! You need to want to do it though. I defo lost some weight but I don’t ever weigh myself so I don’t know how much it was, mainly from my stomach area, it’s quite flat. I didn’t do this to lose weight, I did it to detox and feel more energised. I also found that my skin got better and my evergy levels increased! I also refused a coffee today too in the afternoon and drank water instead.

photo (12)

I did find myself having an odd craving for raw cocoa, avocados and quinoa. I suppose things could be worse! I don’t think those things are your average cravings. Although you really can’t keep me in avocados theses days.

If you live in London and you want to do the juice detox, you should contact Jack Beanstalk. They’re based in Balham but they deliver. Well worth it and an amazing personalised service. Or Tweet or email them! @jbeanstalkjuice or email jack@jackbeanstalk.co.uk. This is a quality juice programme and Jack the owner actually cares that these juices are delivered fresh to your door. There are some fad ones out there so if you are considering a juice cleanse make sure you do a bit of research for a quality cleanse.

I’ll also be chatting to Louise Tighe on The Lunchtime Ladies this Monday on 103.2 Dublin City FM. I’ll be on around 13.20 so make sure to tune in & listen live!

Tweet me your juicy thoughts! @JCo4