5 tips to a successful relationship

  • Make up stories.. . Why? Because you can… for instance, convince them that one of their best mates is 40 on his birthday even though they’re actually 37. This will lead to hysterical phone calls to other friends to confirm if their mate is… in fact 40. The only way they can solve this pressing issue is… to ask the friend in question if they’re actually 40. And then they realise, their friend is not 40. Confused.com? That’s the aim!

pic 2

  • Supporting different teams in the rugby/ Six Nations but just make sure your team wins – keeps that, ‘je ne sais quoi’, passion alive… ROARING…just make sure to sit in seperate rooms on said occasions.
  • Allow them (him) to watch their secret fav TV show MIC but always keep reminding them that it’s not real life. 
  • Play hide and seek – Hide behind doors and around corners and large objects and then LOUDLY jump out on them.. . to the point where they scream.. That’s good craic.. Best of 5!


  • Tea – Always make them tea… Mainly because you’re better at it. A perfect cup of tea is essential in a long lasting relationship. That’s the game changer, if they put sugar in tea or more importantly in your tea, this is a sackable offence … it’s over!



17 days until… I run the London marathon 2015…

So I am at this stage probably wrecking everyone’s buzz with my updates about the London marathon and running it and talking about running and writing about running but with only 17 days to go there’s no other way!! I’ve been running since December so this is the home run!!! Run Forrest Run… JENNY!…. My lunchtime breaks are now spent googling inspirational motivational quotes in order to start psyching myself out. I really feel you can positively psyche yourself out. So here are some inspirational quotes to set the fire alight! I found a quote recently in a magazine from John Disley one of the founders of the London marathon but now I can’t find it! That was quite the inspirational but until I find it, here’s some more!!…

I am running the London Marathon 2015 to raise money for the MS Society. If you would like to make a donation, I’ve set up a Just Giving page!

17 days to go!!!

#jennygoesjogging @JCo4


5 tips to finding a wedding venue!

Well I’ve not actually found one but I think there are a few things to consider before you start looking! You obviously need to talk about what you both want. That’s a real good start! Then you’ll need to decided which country. Then how many people etc as that will narrow it down a bit! My notions of a castle quickly went out the window especially when you start getting into ££££. One place was quoting €16,000 for merely taking over the venue. That does not include a fork or a chair or a table let alone food!. What planet are some places on. Here are my 5 top tips to finding a wedding venue.


  1. Think of a place/geographical location that means something to you
  2. Think of how many people you’re having as that will immediately narrow things down (as in some places are not big enough)
  3. Get an idea of what your budget is before you start looking (this will immediately phase out places)
  4. Don’t stress over available dates. I have an idea of dates and times in my head but if they don’t have available dates, I’ll just pick another one. Go with zee flow. What’s meant to happen will happen!
  5. Go with your gut. I have contacted a few places and they never had the common courtesy to get back to me and let me know if I could come see it. They did however send me the rates. If the initial communication you have with a venue isn’t great, then that’ll really set the tone of how the rest of your communication will go! You’re paying a hell of an amount of money so make sure you’re getting service too. Oh and also read reviews online!

J to the C


x x x x


30 days until I run the London marathon!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So it’s only 30 days, THIRTY DAYS until I run zee London marathon 2015! Please say a little prayer for me!! The longest run to date has been 21 miles so that’s given me a bit of mental confidence to know that I will get through it. However I did lay on the actual Wimbledon ground after that as dog walkers walked around me! There was no stretch great enough to sooth the ache of 21 miles!!

Two years ago!!! #tbt

I think the best thing I’ve done this year is join a running club as that really pushes you harder than you’d push yourself! i.e Hill training every Thursday night! I never want to see another hill again after 26 April. Wimbledon hills are the worst I’ve ever seen. One word – Himalayas!!  I injured my left knee a few weeks ago so I’d like to take the opportunity to thank my left knee for making for a miraculous recovery as I thought I was a goner!!  So tick tock tick tock, only 30 days to go! If you want to sponsor me, I’d be eternally grateful as I am running it for MS! You can donate on my Just Giving page! 



Dear London Marathon 2015, I shall not be defeated….

So the past 2 weeks have thrown me way off in my marathon training life. Due to injuring my knee, it has put me back quite a bit. I find it helps if I write about these things as I need to get out of the negative head space and realise that I can do it. So today’s blog is about inpsiring myself and being positive knowing that I can and will finish this marathon even if I have to crawl it. I will be finishing this marathon! I love all these quotes below! XxJCxX

Am I not meant to love wedding dresses?

I am not sure if it’s just me and I’m the only female on the planet that actually does not like the majority of wedding dresses. I do not experience that wild excited feeling when I Google image them or look on wedding websites. I’ve never been a person who has dreamed of what wedding dress I would wear. I also really don’t like clothes shopping at all so maybe it stems from there!! When I see something I do like, I buy it immediately as I know what I do like but this is rare. Just like I confidently designed my engagement ring in 20 minutes flat which I feel was rather impressive.  I think I dislike 90% of the wedding dresses I’ve looked at and the other 10%, well I just like specific parts on them… Is it only me?

I’ve only been engaged for a month so it’s early days but I think it’s a normal thing to do and consider what dress I would like to have. God only knows what I’ll rock up in but I don’t think it’s going to be something typical or traditional. Did/does anyone else have this situation? Ladies, gentlemen? Enlighten me!


10 facts of a newly engaged person!?!

So after 2 weeks of being engaged, I’ve noticed some things. Has/Did anyone else experienced these things?

  • Everything that now comes up on Facebook feed is wedding related – Google, you’re great at your job! You’re also freaking me out!
  • You realise that your fiancé is not actually the same religion as you when you ask for the first time in 2 years!

  • You have nightmare dreams about your wedding day and then realise you’ve no wedding dress and all shops in the immediate area are closed and not suitable cause you’re actually in Ibiza
  • You realise how much you love all your friends. That’s why you have 6 bridesmaids! Big Fat Gypsy Weddings have nothing on you! NOTHING!
  • You have random thoughts that eloping to Vegas could be really fun!


  • But then you realise none of your family would probably like that and they may also not speak to you for a decade!
  • You revive your Pinterest Account which has been dormant for about 2 years, get overwhelmed and then leave it dormant again!
  • You’ve avoided spread sheets your whole life and then realise this is no longer an option. Got 28 years out of that!
  • A joint bank account in the near future? Ok right… that works for me…The perks are endless!
  • You get sent wedding magazines (thanks Orla) and you sit there loud and proud reading them… on the tube/bus/tram because you’ve actually got the handbag sized editions. WINNING!

And also… Priscilla Presley was a God on her wedding day! Heart!  XxJCxX

You NEED THIS in your life!!!!! This is the tastiest bad boy smoothie I’ve had in months, so replenishing and hits the sugar crave spot! If you love chocolate and want something easy and AMAZING then you got to try this! All you need is a hand blender and the below! And it’s filling and so satisfying. Perfect for breakfast, a snack or anytime you like!! I also topped mine with pumpkin seeds and 1 sliced date! Raw Ingredients:

  • 1 average sized avocado
  • Half a banana
  • 2 tablespoons of raw cacao ( I like a kick)
  • Almond milk (use whichever you want and I like mine smoothie texture so prob about a cup full)

DID YOU KNOW – Pumpkin seeds are such a good source of zinc AND if you have tired circles under your eyes, eat some pumpkin seeds!! XxJCxX

GoPro Hero3+ – I’m sorry but… You’re for sale!!

My New Year aim and New Year attempt at some vlogging has failed, massively! This is mainly due to the fact that I never actually researched what the best camera to vlog with would be? VLOG FAIL! SO I got the wonderful Go Pro Hero 3+ for Christmas. I’ve tried and tried to love it. And everytime I dislike it more, it’s for the more technical people in this world.  I realised that this camera is not really for vlogging at all, it’s more for surfers, rock climbers, skydivers and kinda people of that level of outdoor activity.  I must say I am a little devastated but the time has come, the GoPro Hero3+ has got to go… So it’s for sale! If anyone knows of anyone who would like a GoPro camera, make sure to let me know, it’s only been used 3 times! It deserves a home where someone will love it and not detest it! IMG_0487 IMG_0497 IMG_0495 I will leave you with my one and only ever GoPro video! A day in the life of Jackson… the family dog and aka the LOML (love of my life)! You live and you learn! XxJCxX

Dear Alcohol – Slán a ****ing abhaile

So for the month of January and with signing up for the London marathon, I’ve been mainly going to the cinema at weekends instead of boozing which is a welcomed change after being home in Ireland for Xmas. An Irish Christmas is not a sobering one!. So I have also been eating really well and just feeling generally amazing.

photo 1 (10)

The new white wine!

BUT last night I went out and had a total of 5 drinks over the entire night, which was for a special occasion and I had a wonderful night. BUT boozing is just not worth its aftermath. It causes one to eat the place out of house and home, it reverses all your good work throughout the week, it makes you tired, your body does not like it, WHY OH WHY do we continue to do this to ourselves. And let’s not forget the social smoking. Do you smoke ever.. like during the week? NO never gros… DO you social smoke.. AH yeah.. ??? WHY? One night boozing and I can already feel the change in my body, the change in everything. NOTHING will satisfy one’s body!


So I’m going to go for a 15 mile run with my running group at 9am tomorrow as revenge to alcohol. And I am officially breaking up with alcohol, it’s over! Slán a f*cK**G abhaile. For those that don’t know, slán abhaile means ‘safe home’ in Irish!

There is more to life than hangovers!